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What is GoPro Subscription? Is it Really Worth it?

Whether you're scaling mountain peaks, catching waves, or just enjoying a bike ride with your friends, GoPro has got you covered! GoPro cameras are designed to capture life's most exhilarating moments. They offer a range of models to suit different needs. From the compact HERO9 for everyday adventures to the HERO10 with its lightning-fast processing, there is a GoPro for everyone. The HERO12 Black is the newest GoPro model, which lets you shoot videos in 4K120 resolution that makes every memory feel like a blockbuster movie.

If you are all about making memories that last a lifetime, you might want to consider getting yourself a GoPro Subscription. With a GoPro Subscription, you will not only be saving money but also have access to a bunch of perks. It has lots of attractive features and benefits for the users. 

A GoPro subscription is suitable for individuals who frequently use GoPro cameras and GoPro accessories to capture and document their adventures, activities, and experiences. A GoPro Subscription is definitely worth it if you find yourself buying GoPro cameras and accessories quite regularly.

GoPro Subscription Cost

The GoPro Subscription is a yearly subscription that costs $49.99 but you can get it at half-price if you are a new member. If it is your first time subscribing, you will get the subscription at a discounted price of $24.99. Your subscription will renew yearly at full price, which is $49.99.

GoPro Subscription Membership

As stated earlier, your GoPro Subscription will be renewed automatically, unless canceled. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you will need to do so at least twenty-four hours before your current subscription ends or before the next billing date. For instance, if your GoPro Subscription is expected to end on October 31st, you must cancel your subscription by October 30th. 

If you decide to cancel your subscription, the cancellation will take effect on the last day of the current paid period. In other words, you will still have access to the subscription benefits until the end of the period you have already paid for. GoPro will not issue any refunds upon cancellation unless required by the law.

You can cancel your GoPro Subscription in just a few minutes. All you have to do is sign into your GoPro account and select “Cancel Subscription”.  

GoPro reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or disable your subscription if you fail to pay your fees within a timely manner. If you have an insufficient balance in your account, GoPro will notify you and give you 30 days to pay your subscription fees.

Gift Subscriptions

You may gift or transfer your GoPro Subscription purchased in the last 60 days through the GoPro website. You won’t be able to gift or transfer your GoPro Subscription if you have purchased it from the app store. 

If you wish to transfer your GoPro Subscription, all you have to do is sign into your account, go to settings, and select “Transfer/Gift Subscription” under the Billing Method Section. Then, enter the recipient’s name and email address. You can also include a message that will be sent to their email with the invitation. 

You have the option to transfer a subscription to any valid email address, as long as it is not already linked to an existing, active GoPro Subscription. The recipient of the transfer needs to confirm or accept it within a period of 14 days. If they don't do so within this time frame, the transfer will be voided, and the subscription will continue to be active on your account. 

The person receiving the subscription will not have access to your personal billing information and they will not be able to use it for future payments on the subscription after the transfer of the GoPro Subscription is complete. Your billing details remain private and secure.

Moreover, if you choose to transfer your subscription, any media in your GoPro account will stay private and will not be accessible to the recipient. Your videos and other media will only be visible to you.

GoPro Subscription Benefits

A GoPro Subscription offers several benefits. Subscribers are able to get camera replacements for free, have access to unlimited cloud storage, and get attractive discounts on GoPro accessories and future GoPro cameras. It really is a bundle of great advantages!

GoPro Subscription Benefits

No-Questions-Asked Camera Replacement

The GoPro Subscription offers a free camera replacement service where you are allowed two different cameras to be replaced for free throughout the year. GoPro offers free replacements for Hero5, Hero6, Hero7, Hero8, MAX, Hero9, Hero10, and Hero11 cameras. However, you might be charged a trade-in fee in some cases. 

The trade-in fees are not much, compared to the actual price of the GoPro camera. For instance, the trade-in fee for the HERO11 Black is $99 whereas the camera is sold for $349.99. You will only be paying a fraction of the price for a brand-new unit. In most cases, you won’t even need to pay the trade-in fee. 

This free camera replacement service is available in 28 countries. It is great for individuals who use their GoPro cameras for filming their active lifestyles or adventurous activities in which the cameras are at potential risk. All you have to do is contact GoPro Customer Support, tell them that you have a problem with your camera, and get it replaced for free. 

You might need to take some photographs of it and show them that you have proof of purchase before sending your camera off. You must delete all your content as well. The brand-new GoPro camera will be shipped back to you within just a few days. 

The best part about this service is that GoPro will not ask you any questions regarding the damage. They will simply exchange the damaged camera for a new one, even if there is just a minor scratch on the screen. 

One thing to note about this camera replacement program is that you won’t be able to get a replacement if you have lost your camera. GoPro will need a camera shipped back to them in order to offer a replacement.

GoPro Subscription Benefits 1

Unlimited Cloud Backup + Auto Uploads

Another perk is that you have access to unlimited cloud storage. This means that you will be getting unlimited storage space for free so you can save your growing collection of videos with ease. All your clips and app media will be saved in the cloud storage at 100% quality. In case your physical devices such as your computer or phone are damaged, lost, or stolen, your precious memories are still safe in the cloud.

When you connect your GoPro action camera to your phone and you're on wifi, it will upload all your clips from your GoPro to the cloud automatically. This feature comes in handy, especially if your GoPro has a small SD card. You can also export videos from the cloud to the GoPro software called the GoPro Quik App to edit videos quickly. The GoPro Quik App lets you crop or trim videos, adjust the speed, and apply fancy features like themes, effects, and filters, and auto-sync edits to the music in your clips. You can also use the app to make edits to non-GoPro content.
GoPro Subscription Benefits 2

With your GoPro Subscription, you will also have access to premium features on the GoPro Quik App. The GoPro Quik App allows you to connect your GoPro to your phone and edit your footage directly from the app. The GoPro Quik App is great for when you are on a trip or adventure and want to upload daily vlogs or document each day. You can use the app to make short videos that you can upload on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

GoPro Subscription Benefits 4

GoPro Camera & Accessories Discounts

By starting your GoPro Subscription, you are entitled to huge discounts on GoPro cameras and accessories. For instance, if you renew your GoPro Subscription, you get to save $100 on your next GoPro action camera. So, if you want to purchase the GoPro HERO12 Black Camera, you will pay a discounted price of $299.99 instead of the regular price of $399.99. You get $100 off on one GoPro action camera per year. 

Moreover, there are discounts on GoPro accessories as well. You get discounts on certain GoPro accessories such as mounts, mods, batteries, protection, lifestyle gear, bags, and cases. Subscribers can sign in and see discounted prices at GoPro.com/shop. Subscribers can get up to 10 eligible mounts, accessories, and other items in each subscription cycle. 

Subscribers get 50% off on mounts including the fetch dog harness, the gooseneck mount, the hand and wrist strap, the HERO8 Black bite mount and floaty, the large tube mount, the surfboard camera mounts, and the vented helmet strap mount. There is a 30% discount on Volta, which is compatible with the HERO12 Black, HERO11 Black, HERO10 Black, and HERO9 Black GoPro Cameras. Subscribers are also entitled to a 20% discount on other types of mounts including the 3-way 2.0, jaws, suction cups, and tripod mounts among others. 

Moreover, subscribers are entitled to a 30% discount on light mod and media mod and a 20% discount on MAX Lens Mod 1.0, MAX Lens Mod 2.0, and display mod. The GoPro Subscription also offers discounts on batteries and protection. For instance, you can get 20% off on rechargeable batteries and dual battery chargers. You can also get protective gear such as the floaty, MAX replacement protective lenses, MAX replacement lens cap, and super suit at half price. Subscribers can purchase the anti-fog inserts, replacement folding fingers, and MAX replacement door at half price as well. 

Subscribers also get discounts on lifestyle gear, bags, and cases. You can get T-shirts, hoodies, hats, crossbody bags, backpacks, and sunglasses among others at 10 to 30% off. The discounts vary from product to product.

Is A GoPro Subscription Worth It?

A GoPro Subscription brings a bunch of fantastic perks that have really made life easier for GoPro users. In my opinion, I would say that a GoPro subscription is definitely worth it! 

The “no-questions-asked camera replacement” program offers peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your GoPro camera, you can receive a replacement without going through a lengthy process of providing details or documentation. In some instances, users who requested a replacement ended up receiving an upgrade to a newer GoPro model at no additional cost.

The “no-questions-asked camera replacement” program is a valuable assurance for adventurers, athletes, and anyone who relies on their camera in challenging environments. It is especially valuable for individuals who rely heavily on their cameras for various purposes, such as professional photographers, videographers, content creators, and adventurers. 

On the other hand, this subscription service also offers unlimited cloud storage, If you frequently capture large footage, the unlimited cloud storage offered by the subscription service can be incredibly valuable. It ensures that your media is securely stored and easily accessible. Even if you lose your GoPro camera, you will still be able to access your videos in the cloud.

The convenience of automatic cloud backups can save you time and effort in managing your media files. This feature can be particularly beneficial if you are often on the move and do not have the time to upload your footage manually. All you have to do is connect your GoPro action camera to your phone and keep the wifi turned on. 

Another reason why I think the GoPro Subscription is worth it is because you can use the premium features of the Quik App without paying any additional fees. This feature enables you to edit your footage quite easily. You can use the premium features of the Quik App to make your videos look more professional and aesthetic. 

Moreover, with a GoPro Subscription, you will receive great discounts on GoPro accessories. You can get up to 50% off on cameras, mounts, batteries, mods, bags, and cases among others. This enables GoPro enthusiasts to save money on additional gear that complements their camera setup. Users are able to enhance their GoPro experience at a more affordable price.


Do you need a GoPro Subscription?

You do not need a GoPro Subscription to purchase GoPro cameras and accessories. However, having a GoPro Subscription does save money. 

Not only will you be able to purchase new cameras at a discounted price, but you will also be receiving discounts on multiple GoPro accessories at the same time. Moreover, you will be able to use the premium features of the GoPro Quik App, which would not have been available in the free version.

What is GoPro Plus?

The GoPro Subscription was formerly known as GoPro Plus. Hence, GoPro Subscription and GoPro Plus are essentially the same service.


A GoPro Subscription offers a host of valuable benefits for the users. From unlimited cloud storage to discounts on accessories, it enhances the overall GoPro experience at an affordable price. The ability to access premium features in the Quik App and the assurance of a "no-questions-asked camera replacement" program further solidify its value. 

For avid GoPro enthusiasts, this subscription proves to be a worthwhile investment since it provides convenience, savings, and added peace of mind. A GoPro Subscription enhances and optimizes the overall GoPro experience, regardless of whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, athlete, traveler, or content creator. It is particularly beneficial for users who rely heavily on GoPro for high-quality footage.

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