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The 9 Best GoPro Chest Mounts for Engaging POV Footage

Chest mounts are responsible for holding your camera while you shoot extreme sports. Some might seem similar at first. But there are significant differences that you should look for. Otherwise, you would feel overwhelmed by the number of available companies there are. Especially, GoPro cameras would need a good-quality chest mount to hold the camera at different angles. Some specific features also let you put the camera in different angles to get the best shot. This article shortlisted all the good, decent, and budget-friendly chest mounts that are specifically good for a GoPro action camera.

Capture the Thrill: Unveiling the 9 Best GoPro Chest Mounts for Adventure Enthusiasts

1. Amazon Basic Adjustable Chest Mount 

This chest mount is an adjustable harness for a GoPro camera. This is especially compatible with the GoPro Hero series. There are a few cameras that go really well with this chest mount. And the cameras are Hero 6, Hero 5 black, Hero 5 session, and Hero 4 black. Other than these cameras it is compatible with quick-release GoPro cameras.

The advantage of this item is it is very stretchy and it fits a wide range of sizes of people. The straps are quite stretchy. It is also a very budget-friendly product. The affordability makes attracts a wide range of people and it received positive feedback online. 

This chest mount helps capture thrilling views of any activity like sports skiing or skydiving, outdoor activities, or any kind of fitness. You can attach it around your chest and do your activity while the camera films. All the entire perspective of your activity gives you the perfect point of view for your viewers. 

It needs to be noted that this product will require an adapter. You might need a converter if you want to use it at different places. It may come with outlets and different international settings.


  • Affordable product for many customers.
  • Compatible with the GoPro Hero series.
  • Stretchy material of the straps.


  • Less sturdy than other products

2. GoPro Performance Chest Mount 

The most significant advantage of this chest mount is that it is compatible with all types of GoPro cameras. An official product is always a good option for the perfect fit and reliability.

It is very lightweight, and the quality of the product is top-notch. The straps are stretchy as well as soft. It also feels very comfortable as it comes with padded straps around the shoulder and waist.

It is very flexible and it nicely balances your comfort and also gets the best shot with its top-notch performance. If you are going for an extreme sport or an extreme activity, such as skiing skydiving, or mountain climbing, this product would be quite useful because of its padded straps. So when you climb mountains or participate in any kind of activity, that requires a lot of body movements, you won't feel the chest mount piercing through your body. The padded material in the straps is quite unique in the chest mount products.

The material is also breathable which helps air pass through it. This makes it easier to shoot during any kind of weather. It will help you not sweat under the chest mount straps. Whether you are in the rainy season or you are kayaking in the summer, the straps won’t feel unformable and humid. It is also very adjustable that fits a wide range of body types and sizes. In fact, it also covers adjustable parts over heavy winter jackets. 

Another advantage of this product is that it is specially designed in a way that lets you get in and out very easily, even with your gloves on, you do not have to get your gloves off while adjusting or removing, or wearing this chest mount.

The padded section of this chest Mount also makes sure that the camera isn't moving while you are during your activity. So this chest mount keeps the stable performance of your camera and helps you capture breathtaking views of your activity. This chest mount is slightly expensive but it makes sense if you take into account the advantages it provides. But it might not be affordable to a wide range of customers.


  • It has padded and breathable strap material.
  • Compatible with most cameras.
  • Lightweight product.
  • User-friendly product


  • Expensive

3. CamKix Chest Mount  

This product is not an official product of GoPro but it is compatible with mainly GoPro and also a lot of others. For example, Hero Eight black 7, 6, and 5, also HERO4 session, Hero+ LCD 3, and a lot of others.

One notable thing about this product is that it has a j-hook Mount that helps you position it very easily and comfortably with the help of the hook. You can position your camera in a way that can film straight out during any activity. But the metal product also might get rusty over time.

This product is adjustable and suitable for all shapes and sizes. The waist trap of this chest mount can stretch from 25 inches up to 67 inches. The shoulder straps on the other hand can go from 18 inches to 54 inches. 

Although it might be compatible with all types of GoPro Hero, you are recommended to check the compatibility before you buy it from any website or store. However, if you are looking for a special camera position that looks straight out at the activity, this strap is a good choice for the unique feature. 

This one is also very affordable if you are tight on a budget. Since it is not an official product the price is a bit lower.


  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • J-hook facility to film directly at the activity.


  • Not an official product so it might not be compatible.
  • J-hook might be a hassle to handle for a lot.

4. Official GoPro Chest Mount  

The impressive feature of this product is that it can give you a 360-degree impressive view of your activity. People who are into skiing, motocross, cycling, and skydiving, are usually the ones to buy this. It is also compatible with all types of cameras especially GoPros as it is another official GoPro mount. The compatible cameras with this chest Mount is HD Hero, and HD Hero 2.

However, this product doesn’t come with a facility that can shoot from above your head. This chest Mount is perfect for lower than the helmet view. This camera will get some of your arms and knees during the activity, which is usually demandable for people who are recording during skiing or cycling. 

This product is also fully adjustable for all sizes of adults. The quality is top-notch with stretchy adjustable straps. An official product is also a good option for its compatibility. But it is comparatively more expensive than other products.


  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras.
  • 360 viewing ability to capture everything around you.
  • Official product so comes with good quality and warranty.


  • Not compatible with cameras that aren’t GoPro.

5. Sametop Chest Mount

It is not only budget-friendly, but also comes with mostly all the things a chest mount has to offer. This chest mount also has stretchy straps that provide adjustability. 

You can position the camera upright or upside down with the help of this whichever you wish to to get the perfect view. The compatible model cameras with this Chest Mount are Hero 11, black hero 10, black hero 9, 08, and 07, Hero 6, Hero 3 Plus, and many other action cameras that might not be GoPros.


  • Very affordable for a wide range of customers.
  • Compatible with popular action cameras.
  • Adjustable and simple to use.


  • Safety and reliability aren’t guaranteed

6. TEKCAM Chest Harness Mount  

This chest mount will be compatible with a few GoPro cameras. You can expect compatibility with GoPro Hero models 1 to 11 all of them. Also, Dragon Touch, Vemont, and many other camera types with this chest mount. 

This chest mount is adjustable and very comfortable. It can capture your knees, and your handlebars to get the point-of-view videos that you need with an action camera. It also comes with a snug fit which ensures the camera doesn’t shake or move during activity. It had breathable quality material straps that help the athlete stay sweat-free and comfortable during activity.

A notable feature of this chest mount is that it also offers a quick-release buckle which enables you to mount and dismount the camera anytime. You can detach the camera easily and put it in a different position during your activity. It also lets you shoot a 360-degree view of your activity. It also keeps the camera stable so you can get a smooth shot. 

The chest strap can go from 25 inches to 67 inches. You can expect a package with one product along with one thumb screw and a J-hook since the mounting type is a J hook. But the screw in this chest mount is made of metal. So you need to be cautious before you get into water sports to prevent any kind of rust. But it is built to withstand other dusty and rocky activities. The material used is quite strong and sustainable. So you can rely on its durability.

The best part of this chest mount is that it has a lot of positive feedback from customers despite not being a popular brand. The comfort and compatibility made it a top choice for customers. Based on the features of this chest mount, we can recommend this one, especially for skiers, horseback riders, skydivers, boaters, cycling lovers, etc.


  • Wide range of compatibilities that widens the customer base.
  • Adjustable and comfortable which makes it user-friendly.
  • J-hook method is a simple one.


  • J-hook can get rusty.
  • Metal parts can get rusty.

7. MiPremium Chest Mount  

This chest mount is one of the budget-friendly ones. With the positive feedback received from users so far, it is also of good quality. This chest Mount also covers a wide range of compatible phone and camera models. It can be compatible with GoPro Heroes' multiple models starting from Hero 1 to 11, it covers almost every GoPro Heroes, and also, most other action cameras.

The quality of this chest Mound is definitely worthy of mention because it is made of a very durable material that is called nylon and polycarbonate. So, you can use this chest mount during skiing, water activities, or any other activities that require it to be to get wet and you can also count on it to be durable for a long time. It is very lightweight, so you won't even feel the chest mount around your chest. It allows you to move faster and more comfortably.

The chest mount comes with a lot of accessories. It comes with one thumb screw of an aluminum one which is 100% anti-rust so you can use it during any kind of water activity. It can also withstand other extreme activities while keeping your camera stable. The straps are of top-notch quality and are durable.


  • Lightweight.
  • Anti-rust.


  • Not as wide compatibility as we would usually like.

8. Wealpe Chest Mount 

Its stretchy and breathable straps enable the customer to quickly adjust the camera in between shots. Moreover, during summer it can save you from being sweaty and uncomfortable feeling.

The stretchy straps can also be worn over winter jackets. Therefore, the chest mount is quite versatile and can be used during different weather and activities. 

The noteworthy feature of this is that it also comes with a head strap. So, you are not only getting a view from your chest but also, you can get a personal view above your head, with your helmet. This product makes a good choice for those who want to have an adventure inside the cave or climb mountains so that you get to point of view from different angles.

It is also ideal for kayaking, surfing, and fishing so that you can get different wide-angle views. The straps that come with this product are very lightweight, so you can carry it easily. On top of that, you can carry it in your backpack during long travels.

The head strap is also made with a special kind of material that is nonslippery. So the cameras and also the head strap stay very secure while you are participating in the activity.This chest mount is also compatible with a wide range of cameras. Covering almost all official GoPro cameras it also offers compatibility with cameras that are of different brands.


  • Durable and good-quality straps.
  • It also has multiple products with one buy.


  • It is not widely used.
  • Also, the straps are not padded.

9. Suptig Chest Mount

This one is quite budget-friendly while being compatible with a wide range of Go Pro Series. 

It includes a j-hook feature. So you can adjust the camera at different angles and get the view that you want. But the j-hook isn’t of anti-rust quality, so it might not be as durable as another chest mount with other facilities. Therefore, we would not recommend this for those who involve in underwater sports or activities.

Inside the package, you will receive about three products. One j-hook, one thumb screw, and one chest mount. This one will cover mostly outdoor activities like skiing, jumping, cycling, hiking, motorbiking, etc. The chest mount can withstand extreme conditions and weather as it is quite strong. 

Since the strap material is breathable and comfortable, you will be able to get in and out easily. So this might be more suitable for those who need to adjust the straps and get different points of view. It is also quite a good fit for those who want to immerse in summer activities as it offers a breathable and comfortable feeling. But the straps aren’t padded so it might feel a bit heavy and tough to carry sometimes. 

It also comes with a facility that lets you record 360 views around you while getting some of your knees and arms in the shot. This product is less expensive than other types of chest mounts so it attracts a wide range of customers. It is compatible with a lot of cameras along with most GoPros. Its versatility along with comfort makes it a popular choice among customers.


  • It covers a lot of GoPro models.
  • The strap material is breathable.


  • It does not cover that many companies, other than GoPros.
  • The J-hook might also get rusty over time if you participate in water activities.

Things to Consider before buying the Best GoPro Chest Mount

The quality of the straps 

The quality of the straps matters the most. Because you'll be carrying it around for the most part while your camera does the job. But you also need to think about the comfortability of the strap. So you need to look for materials that are breathable and comfortable to wear. We also recommend getting the padded ones that we mentioned above here. It will be more necessary when you participate in extreme sports like skydiving, skiing, or mountain climbing. The straps also need to be easily adjustable so that even if you feel uncomfortable, you can easily get in and out or adjust this. 


Some of the chest mounts are quite budget friendly. It offers versatility and compatibility for a decent amount of money without costing a fortune. But usually, the official chest mounts are quite expensive as they might be a good fit for official GoPro products. 

Compatibility of Models 

Most of the chest straps are compatible with GoPro models, and most people buy GoPro cameras. However, not all are made for every specific model. So you need to check the compatibility.


The type of activity you participate in should decide the type of chest mount you would need. For example, Mountain climbing will probably need a head strap along with the chest strap so that you can get both of the views but not all will come with it. You also need to consider if any part of the chest mount can get rusty which means that you won’t be able to use it during water activities. Even if you do, it might not be durable. An anti-rust metal would be a good option in this case. 


One essential part to look for is what accessories come with it or what type of method it offers. Some come with a quick buckle facility which helps you get in and out easily. It enables those who involve in extreme sports to adjust their cameras quickly. Some also come with a head strap which can help you record some of the other points of view. 


Chest mounts are definitely an essential part of an action camera. Most of the products are more or less the same but the difference hides in the quality and price. Although it can get overwhelming at first with all the information try to boil it down to your needs and activities. Some decide to go for quality with an extra amount of money and some choose budget-friendly ones. Needless to mention the official ones are definitely going to be expensive because of the guaranteed quality. You can always buy the budget-friendly ones and figure out what works and what doesn’t for you. And we hope you find the best one for your camera and your films!

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