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The 5 Best Gopro Dog Harness to Make Your Dogs Feel Comfortable While Moving

Are you a dog parent looking for a comfy harness? For creating content from your dog’s point of view, a dog harness is necessary. Harness not only has the option to mount the camera but also has hooks to attach the leash. 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the size of the harness. If the harness is small or big for the dog, it will not fit the dog perfectly. As a result, the dog will feel uncomfortable. If you own GoPro cameras, you need to choose one from the best GoPro dog harness to mount the camera.

Best Pick

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is our best pick on our list because it is designed to strap around dogs easily. The size is flexible to attach to any size of dogs. Dogs will be comfortable in this harness as it has padding to remove any itchiness when attached.

Budget Pick

SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount

The SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount is our best budget pick because it has a leash attachment with which you can casually walk with your dog. It has padding under straps for the comfort of the dogs. Moreover, the 3M reflective material helps to find your dog in darkness.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Gopro Dog Harness

1. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness  

Highlighted Features

  • The harness can be mounted on the back and the chest of the dog
  • Can be fitted around dogs of 15 to 120 pounds
  • It is padded at the adjustment points to make it comfortable for dogs
  • It can be used in water and washed easily if it gets dirty
  • A tether is added to the harness to hold the camera securely

The GoPro Fetch dog harness gives you the chance to see the world from the dog’s point of view. The feature we like about this harness is that it has 2 mounting locations. You can attach it to the back of the dog or the chest of the dog. This harness is helpful if the dog is a police dog. Attaching cameras to both positions you can easily get a view of the place. 

Moreover, GoPro has tried to make the harness as comfortable as possible for the dogs. For that, they have added padding in the places where the dog might feel uncomfortable while moving. A dog of 7 kg to 54 kg can be fitted on this harness and you can remove the chest mount if the dog is small. 

As dogs go in the water, in the bushes, the harness gets dirty. You can easily wash the harness. However, the video recorded on this can be a little shaky. Also, the mount is fittable mostly for Gopro models only.

2. SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • The camera is mounted on the back of the dog for shots
  • Various camera brands like GoPro, Sony, etc can be mounted on the harness
  • Dogs weighing from 24 pounds to 88 pounds can be strapped on this harness
  • It is made of nylon that makes it comfortable for dogs in every season
  • Leash attachment helps to control your dog

Dogs do not stick to place when they are on the field and for that, you need a mount that will hold your cameras steady. The SmilePowo harness for 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps to fit your dog perfectly. The buckles make it easier to tighten on the dog whatever their size is. The straps also help to fit the harness on the dog. 

The feature we like about this harness is that it can fit in a dog of bread that weighs between 24 pounds to 88 pounds. The harness is soft and made of nylon. It has a breathable mesh that prevents creating sweat. Moreover, it can be washed and dried easily.

However, you get the view from one position with this harness. The buckles can come off due to force if the bog jumps, digs, or runs fast. You can fasten the leash on one of the attachments to take your dog walking.

3. Kurgo Dog Harness with Camera Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • The harness is designed to attach only GoPro and Sony action cameras
  • It has two options for mounting, on the chest or the back
  • 10 to 25 pounds of dog can be fitted on the harness
  • Wide chest area with padding to make it comfortable
  • Easy plastic buckles to connect and release fasteners

If you are looking for a comfortable harness for your dog then the Kurgo dog harness is a reliable one. Firstly, it is designed with a wide chest area that can be adjusted between 16 inches to 22 inches. The neck area ranges from 12 inches to 20 inches. It has 5 adjustment points that aid in fitting the harness on the dog perfectly. 

Two mounting positions for cameras are available on the harness but only GoPro and Sony action cameras are suitable for this. You can try other brands too but they might not be as stable as the mentioned ones. The buckles are made of plastic that unlocks the straps without much effort. Though it has no leash attachment, it can be attached to the straps. It is a small size harness for small dogs. The brand also produces harnesses for dogs of various sizes. Check the size chart at the back of the packet to find the right size for your dog.

4. Bower Dog Harness Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to mount a GoPro action camera on the harness
  • It is an adjustable harness for small and large dogs weighing from 25pounds to 120 pounds
  • Wholly padded to make it comfortable for dogs
  • The washable harness is suitable to use in all types of weather

The harness from the Bower has a unique design. First of all, straps are used to attach the harness to the body of the dog. It has no neck straps to hold the camera securely. This 16 inches long harness can be wrapped around the dogs if you want to take them walking on the roads or beaches. 

Moreover, the harness has fewer straps which makes them comfortable to move, and is also padded to avoid any uneasiness. It also has reflective straps for safety. The thing we like about this harness is it can be fitted to any size of a dog. So, whether your dog is small or big, you easily adjust the straps accordingly. 

Not to mention, the harness is washable. You can use this harness on dogs at any season. The camera mount on the harness is compatible with Gopro hero action cameras. So before buying, check with the manufacturer if other camera brands can be fitted in it.

5. TEHAUX Sports Camera Dog Fetch Harness  

Highlighted Features

  • The harness has a mount on the chest for installing cameras
  • It is a waterproof harness that can be used for swimming, playing, etc
  • The J-hook buckle helps to tighten the straps of the harness
  • The harness is padded thoroughly for the comfort of the dog
  • A leash hook is added to control the dog when needed

Lastly, we have the TEHAUX dog harness which is manufactured with oxford and mesh cloth. The harness comes in grey color in two different sizes. You can cross-check the size with the chart to find the right harness for your dog. 

This harness is useful if you want to go hiking or jogging with your dog. For the comfort of the dog, padding is provided. It has an elastic band that keeps the camera in position. It has buckles to secure the harness on the dog. You can clean it with hydrophilic material when the harness gets dirty.

Things to consider before purchasing the Best Gopro Dog Harness

If you are a new dog parent, there is a lot of stuff you need to know. Most importantly how to take your dog out for a walk and also keeping him or her under control. A GoPro dog harness will allow you to control the dog and also get to take a video from a dog's point of view. 

Number of camera mounts

The police dogs are used to find the crimes as they have great search instincts. To get the overall view, 2 mounts, one on the back and one on the chest are necessary. The camera mount on the back will give you a view of the area or location, whereas the chest mount will provide the condition of the roads. 

Nowadays, for locating drugs or dead bodies, the harness is attached to the dog and lets them run as they want. This way the police or detectives can catch more crimes. Not all brands design the harness with 2 camera mounts. Chest mount is mostly available in the harnesses. Depending on the purpose of your use, you can buy a harness with 1 mount or 2 mounts. 

Adjustable fitting

There are 195 breeds of dogs available in the world. The breeds differ in size, shape, color, behavior, etc. the harness needs to be flexible enough to fit all types of dogs. It needs to have straps that you can move and adjust according to the size of the dog. 

Moreover, the dogs come in different weights. For this exact purpose, the brands make harnesses in different sizes. The neck straps and chest straps are designed according to the weight of the dogs. You will find which size is for which weight range of the dog at the back of the packet. Also, you need to keep space for your dog to grow if it is a small puppy.  

Compatible with your camera

GoPro is widely used as an action camera and for setting their camera, Gopro has manufactured harnesses for dogs. Most of the harnesses that are available in the market are suitable for the models of GoPro. But if you use a different model you need to check with the harness manufacturer if they will fit cameras of other brands. Compatibility of the camera is very essential because when the camera is not mounted properly, it will fall off as the dog starts to run. 

Padding on the harness

As dogs cannot speak with words they can tell if the harness is comfortable or not. The buckles and straps can be itchy due to the stitches and plastics. Padding on the joint is necessary to make the harness comfortable for the dogs. The brands focus on giving padding on the harness or the dogs will not wear it if they feel uncomfortable in it. 

It is better to give a trial to your dog before buying the harness. Not all dogs will feel the same about the harness. 

The material used on the harness

Whether you are buying the harness for your dogs to go on a walk or for searching purposes, the harness needs to be durable for all types of seasons. When you take your dog to the park, it is normal that they will run, jump, and move around places. Sometimes they start with too much force that the leash hooks break off. 

The hooks, buckles, and material need to be strong to control the dogs. One thing to keep in mind is that the material needs to be comfortable for dogs as well. 

Cleaning the harness

The harnesses are made from oxford cloth, nylon, etc. They can be easily cleaned with water. The harness gets dirty easily as the dogs move around the places whether it is muddy or not. Some harnesses can be washed in the washing machine as well. However, the use of the washing machine depends on the type of cloth material of the harness. 


How can I put the GoPro harness on a dog?

Follow the steps on the video to attach a GoPro harness to your dog. 

Is it safe to put a harness around a dog?

The harness is safe to use on dogs unless you keep the leash loose so that they move freely. If you attach the leash to the neck-straps, it affects the dog’s thyroid, esophagus. 

Between collar and harness, which one is the better option for walking?

A harness is a better option to put on a dog for walking. However, attach the leash hook on the body straps so that you do not hurt your dog physically.  

Is it ok to keep the dog on harness all the time?

The harness makes it easy to control dogs but you should not keep dogs on harness all the time. 

Can I put a harness and collar on my dog at the same time?

Yes, you can put both harness and collar on the dog for safety reasons. 


A dog collar and harness serve different purposes. If you want to make a daily vlog of your dog, you need to have a harness that will record the videos of him. The life of your dog can be full of action and for this, you need a harness that is comfortable and holds the camera stable on your dog. 

In addition, you do not want to hurt your dog while they are in a harness. To avoid pulling too much and attach the leash hooks to the body.The design and features of the harness widely varies which you need to keep in mind before opting the best GoPro dog harness for your dog.

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