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The 8 Best GoPro Backpacks Suitable For All Outdoor Adventures

Whether you are a professional cameraman or just love capturing moments everywhere you go, a backpack for keeping all your camera gear safe from damage is a must-have if you want your equipment to last longer. A GoPro backpack is one such item that prevents the cameras and accessories inside it from being crushed, damaged, or broken apart. 

GoPro backpacks have a sturdy and hard shell that helps to keep all your equipment safe while traveling or doing outdoor activities. The best GoPro backpacks have compartments that are easy to access so you will not need to spend much time trying to get an item out of your backpack while you are on the go. The best GoPro backpacks are also extremely durable and easy to move around with.

Best Pick

Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack

Our best pick is the Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack because it is equipped with GoPro mounts that allow you to record videos remotely, it is suitable for carrying both GoPro action cameras and drones, and has comfortable padding all over the straps and the back pad so you are unlikely to feel discomfort while traveling with it.

Budget Pick

Lowepro LP36912 ViewPoint BP250

Our budget pick is the Lowepro LP36912 ViewPoint BP250 because it offers roomy compartments that allow you to pack a lot of items at once, weighs only 2.02 pounds so you carry it easily from one place to another, and comes with extra straps for carrying a skateboard, tripod, helmet, or other large objects.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best GoPro Backpacks

Product NameWeight
No. of GoPros It Can HoldItem Dimensions
Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack4.52211.8 x 7 x 15.7A
Lowepro LP36912 ViewPoint BP2502.0235.7 x 12 x 17.9A
Thule TLGB-101 Legend Backpack for GoPro3.81314.2 x 6.5 x 19.5B
Tenba 632-451 14L ActionPack2.0949.5 x 6 x 18.5B
DeKaSi Seeker Backpack3.04518.7 x 7.1 x 10.4B
Smatree Travel Backpack1.01215.7 x 11.8 x 7.1A
Incase Sling Pack for GoPro3.92216.5 x 10 x 7.5A
Incase CL58084 Pro Pack3.40222 x 13 x 7A

1. Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack  

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for storing both GoPros and drones
  • Water-resistant
  • Made using high-quality EVA and nylon materials

This backpack from Smatree is perfect for storing all your GoPros, Mavic Pros, and accessories in an organized way. The EVA foam ensures that all the pieces of equipment are safe from damage and hard impacts. It allows you to carry all your drones, action cameras, laptops, and iPads in one single back. Plus, it provides enough comfort to carry it around all day without feeling too tired. 

There are two compartments in this backpack. The main compartment is designed to store your drones and their accessories. You will be able to fit a DJI Mavic Pro drone, four flight batteries, a battery charger, a battery hub, and a remote controller. There are high-density EVA foam inserts for all these items so they are unlikely to move around while you are walking, running, hiking, or bicycling. The main compartment also features two pockets in which you can store a 13-inch laptop and a tablet PC. 

The second compartment is made specifically for storing your GoPro action cameras and their accessories. The custom-cut EVA foam compartments are compatible with GoPro Hero 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The second compartment offers enough space for storing two GoPro action cameras, six batteries, a selfie stick, and an SD card. There is a mesh pocket in which you can store the cables, mounts, and other small accessories safely. 

This backpack has padded shoulder straps and a back pad which allows you to carry it for longer periods of time. The backpack comes with a slideable buckle for mounting your GoPro on one of the shoulder straps. This buckle is removable and it allows you to slide the GoPro action camera up and down for recording videos from different angles.


  • This backpack comes with a rain cover to keep all your equipment safe from direct contact with water
  • You can mount your GoPro action camera on both shoulder straps
  • The foam inserts help to keep all your items in one place, even when you are moving around
  • The premium construction keeps the backpack in a good condition for a long time. No scratches will form on the surface


  • This backpack offers greater capacity for the DJI Mavic Pro drone and its attachments
  • It has a very compact size and the shoulder straps are a bit thin so it might not be suitable for tall people
  • If you do not own a drone, you might want to consider buying another backpack

2. Lowepro LP36912 ViewPoint BP250  

Highlighted Features

  • Polyester construction
  • Can fit up to 3 GoPro action cameras
  • Offers a large capacity

If you are looking for a sturdy backpack that can be used to carry all your GoPro action cameras, drones, tripods, headphones, and laptops, then you might want to check out the Lowepro LP36912 ViewPoint BP250. It offers a large number of compartments that help to carry all your electronics and other accessories safely. It is a flexible backpack that is not only durable enough to take on your outdoor adventures but also comfortable enough for daily use. 

The main compartment features a variety of organizing pockets that are great for storing charger cables, pens, and other small objects. There is a hanging loop for keeping your headphones safe. The main compartment also features a large mesh pocket in which you can store your mini tripod, GoPro mounting kits, and drone accessories. There is another pocket right behind the main compartment in which you can carry a 15-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet, or important documents. 

There is an independent compartment underneath the main compartment which can be easily accessed by unzipping the side pocket. It is a removable gearbox that is divided into a number of sections. You can carry your action cameras, drones, chargers, batteries, and lots more in this protective case. You can increase the storage capacity of the main compartment by taking out this removable case. This will lower the floor of the main compartment to achieve a full-sized backpack. 

This backpack offers multiple attaching features and comfortable harness systems on the exterior. It has contoured and padded adjustable straps that have an adjustable sternum. The compression straps on the top allow you to carry medium or small-sized tripods and monopods easily. The compression straps attach to the front, too, for carrying your skateboard, trekking poles, or a tall tripod.


  • This backpack features mesh pockets on each side so you can easily carry a water bottle or two
  • There is a pocket in the front top part of the backpack which is perfect for carrying keys, wallet, and passports
  • The pocket at the bottom includes a rain cover to keep your backpack dry when you are caught in a shower
  • The backpack is lightweight so packing more items is unlikely to weigh you down


  • The removable bag does not come with adjustable dividers
  • It is a medium-sized backpack so you might not be able to carry large or bulky cameras

3. Thule TLGB-101 Legend Backpack for GoPro  

Highlighted Features

  • Can fit up to 3 GoPro cameras
  • Built-in GoPro mounts

This backpack from Thule has a well-designed structure that helps to keep your GoPro cameras and their accessories safe while traveling. It offers a sturdy compartment in which you can fit up to 3 action cameras along with their accessories. You can also carry an LCD backpack, batteries, SD cards, remote control, and lots more. It also has other compartments for carrying tripods, GoPro mounting kits, smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. 

The first pocket includes a die-cut foam pad which is designed specifically to hold up to 3 GoPro action cameras, batteries, SD cards, and mounting accessories. This is a crushproof compartment that will help to keep your items safe and protected from damage. The foam pad has dividers that help to keep your GoPro items organized. It is also removable which allows you to clean the compartment easily. You can rinse it quickly to get rid of sand, mud, dirt, and debris. 

The first pocket also features a transparent pouch with its own zipper. This space is perfect for carrying cords and cables easily. There is a compartment right above the first pocket where you can keep your action camera or other items for easy access. There is also another small compartment behind it which is perfect for carrying your smartphone. All of these compartments have independent zippers so you can lock everything in place. 

The main compartment has a specific storage system for carrying a hydration reservoir so you have sip water while filming. This compartment has enough space for carrying a rain cover or a raincoat. You can also carry a portable speaker, a DSLR camera, and lots more. On the other hand, this backpack offers comfortable harness systems on which can mount your GoPro action cameras for recording at different angles. The integrated mounts allow you to attach two GoPro cameras, one in the front and one at the back.


  • You can remove the foam pad to include other items
  • The lower pocket belt can be tucked in to make the backpack more compact
  • If you are not using a hydration reservoir, you can easily fit a laptop in the pouch
  • The backpack has padding all over the straps and on the back pad, too, which helps to provide a comfortable experience even when carrying heavy loads


  • The space for carrying a smartphone might be too small
  • You will not be able to fit a standard-sized selfie stick in the backpack
  • The backpack feels quite heavy, even when it is empty. It weighs 3.81 pounds

4. Tenba 632-451 14L ActionPack  

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a capacity of 14 liters
  • Made using water-repellent nylon fabric
  • Has professional-grade harness systems

Tenba is quite a popular brand that makes professional-grade backpacks for all occasions, be it for travel, study purposes, or casual use. The Tenba 632-451 Tenba 14L ActionPack offers a large capacity for carrying up to 4 GoPro action cameras at once. It can also be used to carry a wide range of accessories starting from mounting kits and selfie sticks to tripods and gimbals. This backpack is perfect for taking on outdoor adventures, whether it be snowboarding or camping. 

The main compartment offers four removable pouches. One of them is padded for carrying up to four GoPro action cameras along with their housing. The other three pouches are used for carrying batteries, mounts, backs, cables, and lots more. Each pouch has its own independent zipper and they stick to the back wall of the backpack. Moreover, each pouch is labeled so you will know what to put in each pouch. 

The main compartment also features two tethered wallets for carrying small parts safely. One is used for carrying items such as extra batteries, thumbscrews, pivot arms while the other is used for carrying up to six SD cards. The middle sieve has enough space for carrying a Camelbak reservoir of up to 100 ounces. You will be able to carry other hydration reservoirs that have similar designs. If you are not carrying a hydration reservoir, you can use the space to carry a full-sized tablet. 

The front pocket can be used to keep mini iPads, Kindle, or small tablets. There is a small pocket on the top in which you can keep your sunglasses. This backpack has deep side pockets that can hold monopods, tripods, or even a large water bottle. There are extra straps for attaching a tripod at the bottom of the backpack. You can also attach a helmet using the clips on the side of the backpack.


  • The reversible rain cover has a silver side to reflect sunlight during hot, humid days. Your items are unlikely to overheat
  • It has sturdy harness systems that allow you to easily access the four pouches without taking off your backpack
  • The backpack has pivot-fit harness straps that adapt automatically to fit different shoulder shapes. Anyone can wear this backpack comfortably
  • The front pockets have D-rings for attaching wallets and pouches


  • The interior is not very spacious so you might not be able to fit large cameras or bulky hardware in it
  • The straps have a very smooth texture so they might slide down from time to time
  • It does not offer enough space for carrying a standard-sized laptop

5. DeKaSi Seeker Backpack  

Highlighted Features

  • Large capacity of 16 liters
  • Built-in chest mount
  • Comes with a rain cover

The DeKaSi Seeker Backpack not only offers a spacious capacity for storing a large number of electronics and accessories but also feels comfortable on your back. The material of the back pad is breathable and helps to keep your back dry for longer periods of time. It does not have a bulky design which makes it easier to carry and store in tight spaces. 

The soft-lined compartment on the top enables you to carry up to 5 action cameras at once, be it GoPro HERO, SCJAM, Xiaomi Yi, Nilox, or even TecTecTec. It also has mesh pockets for carrying batteries and micro SD cards. It has a well-designed structure that helps to keep all five of your action cameras and their accessories in their designated space. The compartment won’t look like a mess when you open it. 

The middle sleeve is large enough for carrying your tripods, monopods, mounting kits, straps, and housings. It also features a small pouch for carrying small pieces of equipment and electronics such as cables, chargers, extra batteries, remote control, and lots more. You will find a rain cover in the bottom pocket of the backpack. You can keep all the items safe from damage by putting the cover on during rain or when you come in contact with water. 

The harness system is very easy to operate. It features a whistle buckle so you can quickly open it by pressing the side button. On the other hand, this backpack has deep side pockets so you can easily store your small tripod or a water bottle in them. It features a chest mount that allows you to mount your GoPro camera on your chest. This means that you can take photos and record videos, even when you are on the go.


  • The compartment for storing the GoPro action cameras is on the top so you can easily access it whenever
  • It comes with a strap mount and a chest mount for capturing moments from different angles
  • The backpack has a sturdy build which helps to keep all your items safe
  • There is enough space for fitting a 13-inch laptop or a 2-liter hydration bladder


  • The vivid green color might be too bright for some individuals
  • There is no mounting kit for the left shoulder

6. Smatree Travel Backpack  

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Hardshell backpack

If you want to protect your GoPro action cameras and DJI Mavic Air from accidental crushing when traveling, the Smatree Travel Backpack might prove to be effective. The hard exterior of this backpack keeps all your items safe for longer periods of time. It offers two compartments that each have custom-cut EVA foam inserts for placing your action cameras, drones, and their accessories in an organized way.  

The first compartment has a designated space for keeping all your action cameras and necessary accessories. You will be able to fit a GoPro Hero 2018 in the custom-cut EVA foam insert. It is also compatible with Hero 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3. The foam insert has space for storing up to 6 batteries, a selfie stick, and SD cards. The opposite side has mesh pockets for keeping the cables, charger cords, screws, mounts, and other equipment. The mesh pockets have their own independent zipper so the items are unlikely to fall out. 

The second compartment is a lot bigger than the first one. This section also has custom-cut EVA foam inserts for storing a drone and all its accessories. You will be able to fit a DJI Mavic Air, four intelligent flight batteries, a rocker, a battery charger, a battery adaptor, SD cards, a remote controller, a propeller guard, a propeller, and even a Type-C to micro USB adaptor. This compartment has pouches that can fit a 13-inch laptop and a tablet PC. 

The backpack is made of durable nylon which means that it is weather-resistant and it is unlikely to rot quickly. It comes with a rain cover so you can prevent it from getting soaked during the rain. The breathable fabric of the back pad helps to keep your back dry. It also prevents the items in the bag from being overheated.


  • The slider can be alternated between both shoulder straps so you can record videos and take photos from different angles
  • The insert foam is removable so you can place other items in the backpack
  • The nylon material helps to make the backpack tougher. It also helps to prevent the formation of scratches on the surface
  • This backpack is extremely lightweight so packing it with items is unlikely to weigh you down


  • If you do not own a drone, you might want to look at other options since this backpack offers more space for carrying a drone and its accessories

7. Incase Sling Pack for GoPro  

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed using polyester and ballistic nylon
  • Suitable for carrying action cameras, iPad, and accessories
  • Can hold up to four accessory organizers

This GoPro backpack from Incase has a sleek, black design that makes it look elegant and allows you to travel in style. It is a sling-style backpack that is perfect for carrying your electronics without damaging them. It comes with one accessory organizer but you can add three more to keep the items in place. 

The backpack is made using 1680D ballistic nylon with 600D polyester. This means that the backpack is exceptionally tough. It is unlikely to tear or become worn out any time soon. It is perfect for daily use and can withstand harsh conditions well. The premium construction not only makes it extremely durable but also provides comfort. The shoulder straps are padded and have an ergonomic design to fit all types of shoulder blades. 

There are multiple pockets for storing all your items. This backpack has a designated space for keeping up to two GoPro action cameras. There is enough space for storing batteries, chargers, SD cards, mounting accessories, cables, adaptors, and cords. There is a pocket on top that can hold a DSLR camera. You can also fit other things in it for quick and easy access. You can keep your phone or earphones in the side pockets. There is a compartment lined with faux fur that is used to keep an iPad. 

The backpack has comfortable harness systems that can be unlocked easily by pressing the side buttons. The backpack does not feel too heavy and is quite easy to carry from one place to another. It has a somewhat compact size so young children will be able to carry it as well.


  • This backpack does not contain any PVC so it is unlikely to release toxic materials into the air
  • It comes with an insert for carrying up to two GoPro action cameras
  • You will be able to fit a small tripod in the side sleeves
  • All the compartments are easy to access, which comes in handy during sports


  • It does not come with a protective cover so you will not be able to use this backpack during rain
  • The single-strap design might feel uncomfortable for some individuals

8. Incase CL58084 Pro Pack  

Highlighted Features

  • Can hold up to 2 GoPro action cameras
  • Integrated GoPro mount on the left strap
  • Comes with a rain cover

Like the previous backpack, this backpack is also from Incase and is made using 1680D ballistic nylon and 600D PVC-free polyester materials. It offers roomy compartments that can fit all your action cameras, DSLR cameras, batteries, mounting kits, and lots more safely and in an organized way. It comes with a canister that can hold up to two GoPro action cameras at once. It also comes with an accessory organizer that you can use to keep your SD cards, microchips, USB cables, batteries, and other items. 

The compartment on the top is made specifically for keeping a DSLR camera. It has neoprene guard walls that help to keep your camera safe from damage. It prevents the compartment from being crushed or folded. Moreover, it is unlikely to cause any damage to your camera when you drop it to the floor accidentally. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures so your camera is unlikely to degrade because of extreme weather conditions. 

The middle compartment is divided into two sections. The canister for storing the GoPro action cameras goes in the bottom section and you can store small tripods, mounting kits, and pieces of hardware above it. There is enough space for fitting up to five accessory organizers in this compartment so you will be able to carry lots of items in one single bag. The middle compartment also has a pouch that is large enough for storing an iPad or a small tablet. 

This backpack has two comfortable straps so carrying heavy loads won’t make you feel too tired. Plus, it has an integrated GoPro mount on the right strap so you will be able to record videos without using your hands. You can just mount it on your strap to record from different angles.


  • The straps are adjustable which means that you can attach a tripod to your backpack
  • It has deep side pockets so you will be able to store your wallet, keys, and smartphone in them
  • This is a weather-resistant backpack which means that it is extremely durable and unlikely to become worn out any time soon
  • The Tensaerlite protective canister is extremely sturdy and keeps your action cameras safe from damage


  • The backpack weighs 3.4 pounds so you might not be able to overload it as it may start to ache your back
  • It comes with only one accessory organizer

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best GoPro Backpacks

Storage Capacity

If you are going on a long trip and want to capture stunning and exciting moments on your camera, you will need to pack at least two GoPro action cameras and their needed accessories such as batteries, SD cards, cables, and mounting kits. For that, you will need a GoPro backpack that offers roomy compartments so that you can pack all your camera gear in one single backpack. If you are going on a short trip, a small-sized GoPro backpack may be enough to carry all your gears. 

A spacious backpack also enables you to carry a hydration reservoir, a laptop, a tablet PC, or even a DSLR camera. You may be able to carry drones and their accessories such as flight batteries, remote controllers, SD cards, and lots more. Moreover, a spacious backpack may offer more comfort compared to a compact-sized backpack as the straps are unlikely to have a tight fit. 

Foam Inserts vs. Plain Compartments

Foam inserts help to keep all your items in place while traveling or moving around. When you unzip your backpack, everything stays in place and it does not look like a mess. The foam inserts help to keep all your camera gear organized. However, the foam inserts are compatible with certain models of GoPro action cameras. So, if you are getting a GoPro backpack that comes with a custom-cut foam insert for keeping your action cameras and accessories, you might want to check if it is the right fit for your items first. Moreover, you might want to get one that has a removable foam insert so that you can fit other items when not using GoPro gears.  

If you are not a fan of custom-cut foam inserts, you might want to get a GoPro backpack that has plain compartments. The plain compartments usually have pouches and mesh pockets for keeping your action cameras, batteries, SD cards, and other items in an organized way. You might be able to include accessory organizers, too. What’s good about accessory organizers is that you can label them so you will know what each pouch contains. You might be able to add more pieces of equipment such as small tripods, monopods, or gimbals in the plain compartments. 

Is It Weather-Resistant?

While most GoPro action cameras are waterproof, their batteries, SD cards, and adaptors are not. That’s why it is so important to get a GoPro backpack that can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you want to keep your camera gears away from direct contact with water, you might want to get a GoPro backpack that comes with a rain cover. You can quickly put on the rain cover during rain or snow. Some rain covers have a reflective surface that helps to prevent the internal compartments from overheating. If you travel a lot, it might be best to opt for a backpack that is completely weather-resistant and comes with a rain cover. 

Quality of Materials

Your GoPro backpack should be made of high-quality materials to prevent your action cameras, drones, and accessories from getting crushed or damaged. The backpack should have a hard shell so that, even if it drops to the floor accidentally, the items inside will not break apart or get damaged. It should not contain any toxic substances such as PVC that include lead, cadmium, and phthalates among others. If your backpack is made using sturdy, premium materials, it is likely to serve you well for a long period of time. You will not need to look for a replacement any time soon. Plus, a sturdy and durable backpack for carrying your cameras and other gear is one thing you need while traveling or seeking adventures. 


A heavyweight backpack is likely to lead to an uncomfortable experience, especially when you are hiking, snowboarding, or engaged in physical activities. You are likely to get out of breath easily so you might not be able to record videos properly. Moreover, the heavyweight is likely to cause you to lean forward so your shoulder blades, neck, and back may start to ache. This is why you should get a backpack that is not too heavy. It is much easier to move around while carrying a lightweight GoPro backpack. 

Level of Comfort

Padded, ergonomic straps and a breathable back pad will allow you to carry your GoPro backpack comfortably for longer periods of time. You should get a backpack that has adjustable straps as one specific size is unlikely to fit all types of shoulder blades. With adjustable straps, you will be able to tighten or loosen them for a more comfortable fit. The back pad should not be too hard as it may lead to backaches. On the other hand, the harness systems should not be too tight-fitted and they should be easy to attach or detach. 


Most GoPro backpacks come with a wide variety of accessories that help to make your experience much better. Some come with GoPro mounts such as shoulder mounts, strap mounts, and chest mounts and may even contain thumbscrews and sliders. If you want to record videos remotely from different angles, you might want to get a backpack that allows you to mount your action camera on the straps, chest region, or on the back end of your backpack. Some backpacks also come with extra straps to attach a large tripod or even a skateboard to your backpack. 


Do I still need to put a rain cover on my weather-resistant backpack?

If you have a weather-resistant backpack, then a light shower is unlikely to cause any damage to the items inside. However, it is always best to put on a rain cover when it is raining heavily as a weather-resistant backpack is not completely waterproof. Some of the water may still get inside and damage your gears. 

Will I be able to mount my GoPro action camera on the straps of my backpack?

If your backpack comes with a strap mount, you can easily mount your action camera on the straps. However, if it does not come with a strap mount, then you will need to purchase a strap or shoulder mount from a website or local store. 


It is no doubt that a GoPro backpack will come in handy when traveling with all your camera gear. When looking for the best GoPro backpack, it is important that it has a safe and high-quality construction, is not too heavy, does not feel flimsy, and offers spacious compartments for keeping all your items organized and safe from damage.

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