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Best Gopro Bike Mount

The 14 Best Gopro Bike Handlebar Mount to Easily Capture the Spontaneous Action

Does your camera fall off your handlebar? Finding the handlebars for all kinds of cameras is hard. For the bike riders, the handlebars need to be able to hold the camera in the uneven road. Not only on bikes but also helmets, backpacks, ropes, the cameras are installed and the best GoPro bike handlebar mount needs to have these features. 

You need to consider the materials used to build the handlebar. As there are plastic handlebars available which are less durable than metal ones. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy to protect the handlebar from rust and corrosion while shooting in the rain.

Best Pick

GoPro Handlebar

The GoPro Handlebar is our best pick on our list because it is only 0.03 pounds and very easy to fix on the bike. It has a hinged and non-slip design to make it usable during action scenes. Dynamic scenes are possible on this rotating handlebar mount and are strong enough to hold the cameras steady.

Budget Pick

Forevercam Bike Camera Handlebar

The Forevercam Bike Camera Handlebar is our best budget pick because it is a waterproof handlebar mount with which you can dive underwater for recording. Moreover, the screw is flexible to mount cameras without causing any friction. It is only 0.19 pounds that will fly with you while you ride your bike through the mountains.

Quick Comparison: Top 14 Best Gopro Bike Handlebar Mount

ProductDimension(LxWxH inches)Grade
GoPro Handlebar2.26 x 2.34 x 3.68A
Forevercam Bike Camera Handlebar2.36 x 1.57 x 3.15A
Forevercam Updated Version Handlebar2.9 x 1.2 x 2.5A
EXSHOW Camera Handlebar3.74 x 1.57 x 5.91A-
Skyjffj Sports Camera Stand3.15 x 1.77 x 1.1A
Lammcou Bike Handlebar1.97 x 0.98 x 2.76A-
SUREWO Bike Handlebar MountNot mentionedA
Arkon BikeHandlebar Strap Mount8 x 6 x 2B+
K-EDGE Pro Handlebar MountNot mentionedB+
GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount 2.48 x 0.87 x 2.56A-
Gurmoir Bike Handlebar MountNot mentionedA
SANDMARC Navy Handlebar Mount1.8 x 1.8 x 10B+
HSU Bike Handlebar Mount1.9 x 1 x 3.5A-
MiPremium Bike Handlebar MountNot mentionedB

1. GoPro Handlebar  

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar has a non-slip design that holds the camera securely
  • It takes very few seconds to mount the handlebar on your bike
  • It takes videos by rotating 360 degrees without missing any position
  • The mounting buckle lets the bikers fly while hiking with bikes
  •  It sits fixed on the bike and records clear and stable videos of any jumpy ride

For the content creator, mounting their cameras steady is very important and this GoPro handlebar will record your videos by keeping the camera stable. First of all, it is only .03 pounds which is very lightweight. It comes with all kinds of screws that help you to mount it on your bike or a pole. 

The mount has a heavy-duty screw that you can rotate 360 degrees. If you are a travel vlogger who also records nature, this mount handlebar has 16 secure positions that will ensure to record from any angle. Larger and smaller rubber is also provided with it. 

Though the handlebar seems light, the screws hold themselves and the camera tightly which reduces any kind of vibration while recording on any bumpy roads. You can mount any type of camera in it until they have a diameter of 0.35 to 1.4 inches.

2. Forevercam Bike Camera Handlebar  

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar is compatible with all models of GoPro and action cameras
  • Allows you to shoot 360 degrees to cover wide areas
  • Designed to prevent shaking on bumpy roads
  • The adapter is made of aluminum that protects from rust, corrosion

If you belong to the entertainment industry, then this handlebar will be useful as it is designed to fit all types of GoPro action cameras. To shoot a close-up shot of an actor riding a bike, action cameras are mostly used which you can secure on this handlebar. The screws provided with this enables you to use it on bikes, cycles, poles, or anywhere that fit the diameter of 22 - 34mm. 

The feature we like about this handlebar is that you can use it underwater or in rain. It is a material of CNC aluminum alloy to make it durable and protect from rust. Moreover, it is only 87 grams that you can easily carry with you. Along with the adapter and screws, a hex wrench is also given to tighten the handlebar on the bike. Yet, the audios and videos that are recorded on rough roads are shaky and some records are not suitable to use.

3. Forevercam Updated Version Handlebar  

Highlighted Features

  • It is a sturdy handlebar as it is made of aluminum alloy
  • It provides durable service for its water-resistant, dust-resistant properties
  • Models of GoPro and DJI Osmo can be easily fitted on this handlebar
  • 360-degree rotation of the handlebar enables recording from every angle
  • The anti-skid pad reduces the effect of shaking in the video

There are various types of cameras used by people and for this, the updated version Forevercam handlebar is suitable for various kinds. On this handlebar, you can mount an action camera, digital camera, and micro SLR digital camera. You need to mount the camera properly to get the perfect image. 

This handlebar is very easy to install and the wrench provided with it helps to set it securely. Japanese bearing and USA coil springs are used to fit the adapter without slipping. The alloy of aluminum helps to protect from corrosion. Not to mention, it can be rotated at 360 degrees and the lock feature allows you to lock the adapter in any direction. 

The weight of the handlebar is .17 pounds which can accommodate most of the GoPro and DJI Osmo camera. The brand has added an anti-skid pad to decrease the damping and buffering of the camera.

4. EXSHOW Camera Handlebar 

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar can hold cameras of brands like Gopro, SJCAM, Canon, DSLR, etc
  • Can be mounted on anything that has a diameter of 0.7 to 1.3 inches
  • It has the flexibility to rotate at a 360-degree angle to get the perfect shot of the view
  • Soft silicone and metal are used to prevent the camera from falling off
  • It is built with raw aluminum to make it durable

The EXSHOW handlebar is manufactured with aluminum alloy to make it sturdy. As it is a product of metal, it won't crack easily if you use it on heavy-duty tasks. It is built to hold any model camera recorder or camcorder to take action shots easily. 

The clamp of the handlebar has the flexibility of .7 inches to 1.3 inches for mounting. Whether you are shooting a hiking blog or exercise vlog, you can easily mount it on anything within the mentioned diameter. Moreover, it has a 1/4-20 mounting pattern that enables you to fit it properly. You can adjust the screws to get a 360-degree angle for recording. Not to mention the clamp is covered with non-slip silicone which will protect your gadgets from slipping.

5. Skyjffj Sports Camera Stand  

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality aluminum is used in the manufacturing process to make it sturdy
  • ¼-20 UNC screws are given that fit most of the cameras
  • The handlebar can be mounted on the rope of swings to get a proper video
  • 360-degree rotation is possible to make the required video
  • Semi-round or round tubes can be used as a base to fit the handlebar

Samsung, GoPro, Panasonic, Nikon, etc cameras are easily fittable on this Skyjffj handlebar. Anything that has a diameter of 34 millimeters is suitable to mount the handlebar. Bicycles, bikes, even on ropes, this camera stand can be mounted. 

While shooting an action camera, the camera shakes and can fall off the stand. To keep the cameras stable in place, an anti-skid pad is given on the interior. The 1/4-20 standard screws help to tighten the camera of different models. A universal aluminum wrench is also provided to install GoPro cameras. As it is made of aluminum, the handlebar is better than any plastic product.

6. Lammcou Bike Handlebar  

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar mount is designed to record action scenarios while riding a bike, motocross, etc
  • Able to do 360 degree rotation to get the snaps
  • The aluminum used in the construction protects from rust, corrosion
  • The internal flocking pad protects from scratches and reduces friction on the camera

The Lammcou bike handlebar mount is easy to install and function. First of all, it fits easily on bikes, cycles, seatpost, etc. The anti-slide part at the middle of the bike mount can be adjusted at any angle for its flexibility. Now, whether you are biking beside a beach on mountain biking, the handlebar mount will help to get the view easily. 

Moreover, the handlebar mount can be fitted on a round tube or a semicircular tube that has a diameter of 12 millimeters to 30 millimeters. An allen wrench and a screw come on the packet to install the handlebar on your bike. During the rainy season, you do not have to uninstall the handlebar from the bike as it is built with waterproof material.

7. SUREWO Bike Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar is mounted in tripod style
  • The frame of the handlebar mount is manufactured with aluminum for durability
  • 360 degree rotation is possible with this handlebar mount
  • The anti-skid pad prevents slipping and scratches
  • A head adapter is given along the handlebar mount for a 360 degree and 180 degrees rotation at the same time

The SUREWO handlebar mount has a strong build and framework when compared to other ones. The first feature we like about this handlebar mount is that you can rotate the 360 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally. It has a built-in mount for cameras that rotate 360 degrees. An additional head mount is given that helps to rotate the built-in 180 degrees. Whereas the head mount rotates at 360 degrees. 

ABS and aluminum are used to make the build sturdy and durable. The handlebar looks like a tripod stand that can be installed in an object with a diameter of 20 millimeters to 34 millimeters. A hex wrench is given to tighten the screws for installing the handlebar mount. To reduce scratching and friction, an anti-skid pad is given on the mount. To add, this mount is suitable for holding all types of action cameras.

8. Arkon Bike Handlebar Strap Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • The handlebar mount comes in a buckle design that makes it easy to install
  • The design is compatible with all cameras from GoPro
  • Suitable to use on Periscope for live streaming
  • The mount fits on objects that have a diameter between 15 millimeters to 50 millimeters

The Arkon bike handlebar mount is different from other handlebars because it is installed using the straps. The straps are easy to use and you can tighten the handlebar mount as much as you need. It is made of rubber and has grids to prevent slipping off. This handlebar mount is compatible with GoPro action cameras, Garmin VIRB, and 360fly panoramic camera. 

It can be used on variable objects like golf carts, snowmobiles, etc. only a screw is needed to attach the camera, and then you are good to go. The surface does not need to be in a circular shape. However, it is not 360 degree rotatable. For rotation, you need to use additional tools. Also, The videos might not be as stable as the buckleless handlebar mount.

9. K-EDGE Pro Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • This is a USA product made from T6 aluminum for a solid frame
  • The camera can be fitted in two positions for recording
  • Objects with at most 31.8 millimeters can be used for this handlebar mount

The K-EDGE Pro handlebar mount gives an option to lock the camera at the front for stable recording. The frame of the handlebar mount is designed to keep the hands from the front of the camera. The design makes it unique which prevents the camera from falling off. 

Moreover, the handlebar mount is attached by the clamp system. Screws are given to hold the cares still in place. However, the handlebar mount is not capable of rotating 360 degrees. It can be only posited in two ways. Fixing the handlebar in front above or below the handle. 

This handlebar mount is useful for bike races that require only to record the game. It is not flexible enough to record videos for entertainment.

10. GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • This handlebar mount is designed for mounting all GoPro cameras
  • Aluminum used in the handlebar mount makes it durable and light in weight
  • Rotation at 360 degrees is possible with this handlebar mount
  • A 4-millimeter hex key is given to securely lock the handlebar

GoPro is known for their action cameras and to settle their cameras they have produced the handlebar mount. You can install it on the handlebars, seat posts, or anything that has a diameter between 22.2 millimeters to 35millimeter. The handlebar mount is compactly designed so that you can easily carry it in your bag when you are not recording anything. 

Moreover, from the exterior look, you can say that metal is used in the construction. The aluminum extends the life of the handlebar mount when used in tough spaces. However, the absence of a skid pad leaves scratch marks on the handle. The important feature which is the flexibility of rotating at 360 degrees is possible on this handlebar mount.

11. Gurmoir Bike Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • It is designed to fit all action cameras that are used widely
  • The clamping range of the handlebar mount is 2 cm to 3.4 cm
  • It can be tightened around the handlebars of bikes, cycles, monopod tubes, etc
  • The clamp has an anti-skid pad to resist scratches

Plastic handlebar mounts are light in weight but they are not durable like the Gurmoir handlebar mount. The aluminum gives the handlebar mount a longer life and the weight that it comes with help in stabilizing the camera. It is 85 grams and cameras of different brands will stay stable on it.  

The screws and adapter are easy to assemble and with the help of 2 screws, you can mount them on the bikes, poles anywhere that has a diameter of 2 cm to 3.4 cm. While riding a bike, scratches prevail on the handlebar due to friction. To avoid this situation, anti-skid pads are given on the clamps to protect the look of your bike.  

Moreover, you can use it for high-speed action scenes. It won't break as aluminum is used in it. For any outdoor or water activities, this handlebar mount is ready to face any situation. A Gurmoir cloth is provided along with the other tools to clean the handlebar.

12. SANDMARC Navy Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • The mount is designed to fit GoPro models and HD cameras
  • CNC grade aluminum is used for a durable service of the handlebar mount
  • A diameter of 15 millimeters to 35 millimeters can be fitted inside the clamp

The SANDMARC Navy handlebar mount has an aluminum finish to make sure it gives a longtime service. It is a silver handlebar mount that can be installed in a ski pole, bike, etc. The adapter to set the camera is away from the clamp. This helps to prevent any obstruction from occurring due to a sudden clash of hands with the handlebar mount.  

It is heavy enough to give support to the cameras. However, it does not have the function of 360 degree rotation. You have to manually change the angle every time you want to capture a new video. Due to inflexibility, the direction of the camera will never change if you tough the handlebar mount accidentally. 

This handlebar mount has a different color as black finishing is seen in most of them. The brand has not mentioned it being waterproof but as it is designed for outdoor use, we think it will protect from rusts.

13. HSU Bike Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • It is a red color handlebar mount that can be used for mountain biking or other sports
  • This 360 degree rotatable handlebar mount has a clamp installation system
  • anti-skid pad to hold the handlebar mount strongly in position without creating any scratches
  • A wrench is provided to fit the screw for mounting on the bike or poles

The HSU handlebar mount is a product of premium aluminum alloy to protect from rust, corrosion, dust, etc. The installation process is very simple and you can easily go bicycling with this handlebar mount on a sunny or rainy day. 

Most of the handlebar mount comes in black or silver but this one comes in red, which you can buy if it matches with your bike. It is compatible with most of the brands and mostly with all the models of GoPro cameras. The diameter of the clamping range is between 22 millimeters to 34 millimeters. Not to mention, 360 degree rotation on the handlebar mount can be used to take a wide shot of the adventure.

14. MiPremium Bike Handlebar Mount  

Highlighted Features

  • It is a handlebar made of plastic designed to fit action cameras
  • A tube of a diameter of 15 millimeters to 40 millimeters can be used to install the handlebar mount
  • Premium quality steel screws are given that will not rust easily

Lastly, we have a handlebar mount from MiPremium which is made of plastic. Heavy-duty plastic is used so that it does not break during thrilling action scenes. It is waterproof and rust proof as it is made of plastic. Stainless-steel crews are given to install the handlebar mount on the bike or seat posts. 

With the help of the screws, you can tighten the handlebar on a circular project. It will not slip off easily as the screws will hold it in position. However, we do not think this handlebar mount will be able to take the weight of the cameras while on tough roads. Moreover, the handlebar mount cannot be rotated 360 degrees which is an important feature desired by everyone.

Things to consider before purchasing the Best Gopro Bike Handlebar Mount

Are you new to action vlogging? The things you need for vlogging are a camera and a perfect handlebar to mount your camera. You do not want to miss any action scenes by using a loosely fitted handlebar for recording. 

Ease of mounting

The handlebars come as individual parts when you buy them. The box provides the screws and wrench to set the handlebar. Usually, it is a given to mount it on your bike, cycle, or anywhere you want. Some brands may provide clamps for mounting. Look for the mounting options on the handlebar before choosing one. You might find handlebars that have mounting options with both clamps and screws. Choose the one that fits easily on the surface without causing any trouble.

Range of the diameter

If you are a hiker, who goes hiking and traveling all the time, the handlebar needs to have a diameter large enough to help with recording. Though it has a handle in the name, it is not only installed on the handles of the bikes. Poles, ropes, backpacks, are also used as a base to install handlebars. If you are on the mountain in a forest, you might consider placing the handlebar on the branches of the tree to get a wide view. Considering the scale of the diameter is essential before buying the camera handle mount. 

Compatible with your camera

GoPro is a widely used camera for vlogging, action scenes, and many more. But not everyone is a fan of GoPro cameras. Some use Sony, Samsung, Nikon, etc, and many other brands. Cross check the dimension of the base on which the camera will sit to fit the camera tightly. The size and dimension of the camera vary from brand to brand. If you do not get a perfect size, the cameras will fall off easily. 

360 degree rotation

This feature is absolutely necessary on the handlebar if the brand wants to sell to the customers. As the cameras have wide lenses to record from any point of view, the handlebar mount needs to have a flexible neck to hold the camera stable while rotating at a 360 degree angle. For the travel vloggers, it is essential because the viewers love to see 360 degree shots to get real life experiences. 

Anti-skid pad

The anti-skid pad is not given on every handle mount but it is necessary to create less vibration on the camera. For shooting action scenes, a lot of shaking takes place that results in recording a shaky video. Depending on your use of the handlebar, you can choose the bike handlebar mount with a skid or anti-skid pad. 

Dust and corrosion resistant

Nature has its beauty in all seasons and to capture those the handle needs to be made from durable metal. If you do bike hiking, there will be all sorts of dust that will get stuck to your camera. A road bicycle is a sport that needs to face dirt, water to reach the destination. 

The bike handlebars that we mentioned in our article are made of Aluminum alloy to prevent corrosion and give long-lasting service. You can go bicycle riding without worrying about the rain and enjoy the changes in weather while riding.  


How to install a bike handlebar mount?

Follow the steps of installing in the given video


The handlebar mounts come in different designs which have different functions. Considering the frame and comparability of your camera, you can choose the handlebar mount. The flexibility of changing the degrees of rotation is very necessary when you're recording an action video. 

Moreover, a multifunctional handlebar mount will not always be required for your job. So if you already have a handlebar mount and are looking for a second one for your bike races, choose the one that has the specific functions. The best GoPro bike handlebar mount needs to have the features that will fulfil the requirements for your adventures.

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