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The 12 Best GoPro Helmet Mounts in 2021

If you are a passionate and impulsive biker, you sure take sudden trips around the town or the countryside or at least an annual trip with your friends and what good would it be if you cannot keep the memories of all these? Documenting these beautiful experiences is now super easy as the market offers you a variety of helmet mount action cameras, to be specific, GoPro cameras. 

One cannot simply deny the worthiness of this hands-free shooting device and since the market is saturated with several brands offering you different types and styles of these mounting instruments, we have written this article to help you choose the best GoPro Helmet Mount, taking some of the important factors under consideration so that we can introduce you to the product that best suits your requirements.

Best Pick

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Our best pick title has been given to the GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount due to its superb versatility and strong adhesives that are compatible with tough weather conditions which prevent your camera from falling off. Together with the swivel mount that allows you to cover a wider angle, an integrated mounting buckle, and the 1-year warranty, this is our most favorite one on the list.

Budget Pick

SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kits

The Best GoPro Helmet Mount within a budget range on this list is undeniably this one from SUREWO. This lightweight chin mount kit features a 180 degrees swivel joint and comes with adhesives that are fit for both curved and flat surfaces. It also offers a J-hook buckle for better angles and together with the aluminum body and waterproof stickers, it will not require you to spend a fortune on it.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best GoPro Helmet Mount

GoPro Helmet Front + Side MountChin/Side1.89 x 2.44 x 1.77 inchesA+
SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount KitsChin/Side/Top5.25 x 5 x 2 inchesA+
GoPro Vented Helmet Strap MountTop7.25 x 1 x 6 inchesB+
AxPower Motorcycle Helmet MountChin/Side/Top6.4 x 6 x 1.9 inchesA
Taisioner Bicycle Motorcycle Helmet MountChinB+
GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive MountsChin/Side0.13 x 6.13 x 8.13 inchesA+
GoPro Grab Bag of MountsSide1.5 x 1 x 0.5 inchesA+
WLPREOE 37 in1 Motorcycle Helmet Mount KitsChinA
SoPro Full face Helmet MountChin4 x 5 x 2 inchesB+
TELESIN Helmet MountChin4.7 x 3.9 x 1.5 inchesB+
SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet MountChinA
Pro Standard Super Visor Low Profile Under Visor Helmet MountTop4.33 x 3.54 x 0.98 inchesA+

1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount 

While you are in the search for the best GoPro Helmet Mount, the GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount versatile gadget must be at the top of your priority list. As its name suggests, the tool can be mounted both in the front and the side of your helmet for versatile use. It can be attached to your helmet with the help of sticky adhesive that is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions like rain and wind. 

This simple yet effective product includes a swivel mount assembly that is easily adjustable, meaning that you can rotate and aim the instrument while your camera is already mounted on it. Not only that, the installation of it is super easy and does not involve any complex steps. All you need to do is follow the instructions included in the box.  

Being compatible with all GoPro cameras, the mount offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to take shots using a variety of different angles. It moreover is accompanied by an easy-to-use integrated mounting Buckle that further facilitates mounting and ensures your convenience.

What we liked: The product is backed by a 1-year warranty which means you can make a worry-free purchase and we love this about the product. 

What we did not like: Even though it has versatile use, it might not be compatible with all types of helmets especially a vented helmet. 

2. SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kits 

Featuring an aluminum body, this multi-function helmet mount kit offers a chin mount and lightweight design for ensuring the utmost comfort of the users. The specialized mount is made up of 4 joints that are connected by screws that are adjustable at every joint. The joints can be rotated as wide as 180 degrees for a greater chance of taking better shots. 

The mounting kit comes with adhesive and sticky pads which feature two different designs that are ideal for both curved and flat mounts so that you have the luxury to use them as per your preference. 

The sticky pads maintain an industrial standard that is waterproof and will keep your camera mounted even in difficult conditions, without the fear of it coming off. However, you need to wait for a good 24 hours after you have installed it before you can use it.

To further reinforce the protection, the helmet mount kit comes with a safety rope that you can use after you have installed the camera for dual protection. The kit also includes a J-hook buckle that you can use to mount the camera more than in place (side, chin, or top). 

The mount is not compatible with helmets only but can also be used on skis and surfboards so the versatility offered by this is truly commendable. 

What we liked: It comes with an s-adapter to make it compatible with your camera if there is a threaded hole at the bottom. Not only that, it is accompanied by a wrench for fast adjustments, however, the bottom screw will require a screwdriver of your own. 

What we did not like: The product comes with a bit of a complex installation process which is a major issue that we faced while using it.

3. GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount 

Since vented helmets are not compatible with any type of camera mount as they do not feature enough space for adhesive or sticky pads, GoPro brings a dedicated one that is solely ideal for this kind. As its name suggests, it comes with a strap around the vented helmet that firmly holds your camera in position. 

The lightweight and small mount does not make your helmet bulky and only requires a small area. Moreover, the size fits almost all helmets and the adjustable strap makes it perfect for anyone wearing the helmet. The strap is kept in place as it weaves in and out of the vented openings.

The plastic block where the camera is attached is secured enough and is well built to provide extra protection to your shooting device. With this fancy instrument, you do not need to get rid of your vented helmet and can enjoy proper documentation. 

What we liked: You can easily access your access in the middle of your ride using the toggle button that will release the camera so that you can check if your footage is being shot the way you want. 

What we did not like: You will have a difficult time figuring out the perfect position of the mount as you need to decide which hole location will suit your purpose

4. AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Mount 

With this chin mount, you will never have to compromise with the quality of the video that you are shooting. Not only does it have a chin mount, but it is also accompanied by a J-hook mount that helps you with repositioning the camera. It can be swiveled at up to 180 degrees so that you get the flexibility to adjust it to full range angles even at the blind areas. 

The multi-functional mount kit allows you to use it in a versatile manner as it can be mounted on the chin of your helmet, the side of your helmet, or at the top of your helmet and only weighs about 0.5 ounces due to being made from plastic material, making it super lightweight.

The whole package of the kit comes with 1 unit of helmet chin mount, 1 J-hook mount, 10 strong stickers, 2 pairs of the flat-mount, 2 pairs of the curved mount, one wrench, and one safety tether, making it a great value pack. The safety tethers further enforce the adhesives and will provide dual-protection. 

What we liked: We love that the kit is not only fit for use on a helmet but also on ski/skate/surfboards, kayak, and many other exciting places where you would want to take footage. 

What we did not like: The safety rope must be installed, otherwise, your camera will be at the risk of falling while you are in action.

5. Taisioner Bicycle Motorcycle Helmet Mount 

The helmet mount from Taisioner comes with an easy installation process and a very lightweight yet strongly fixed design that prevents your family from falling off. The camera mount is built from only the best quality PVC material and can be folded when necessary. This feature especially comes in handy when you need to cover different angles in your video. 

The base of the mount is made up of silicone material that makes the mount to be easily attached to the helmet and will never require adjusting as it is firmly attached and will not be displaced. Not only that but it also shows tremendous stability even if you are working with the rotatable adapter.

This user-friendly tool includes a fixed strap for more convenience and will not cost you a fortune. 

What we liked: It is compatible with a wide range of devices and that is what makes this our favorite. Starting from Shoei RF series to bell qualifier helmets to curved chin helmets to the Hero series to many other action cameras can be supported by this. 

What we did not like: You may face some difficulty with tightening the fixed strap which is the only issue we faced with this product.

6. GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts 

For the next entry in our review article, we have chosen yet another product from the GoPro Store that is compatible with a variety of curved and flat surfaces. The camera mount is securely kept in place by the industrial-strength adhesives that are included inside the box. 

This simple yet effective mount comes in a pack of six mounts- 3 for flat surfaces and 3 for curved ones. The adhesives make it suitable for it to be used on helmets, boats, surfboards, quadcopters, and many other places from where you would want to shoot your video. The mount can be used in both land and sea as they are waterproof and will not come off.

These extremely strong adhesives can easily be peeled off by applying a little heat when you desire to take them off. 

What we liked: We love the ease of use that it offers. The simple adhesives can be used just by peeling off the paper and pressing them firmly onto the surface where you would want your camera to be mounted.

What we did not like: So far we have not come across any major downsides of this product.

7. GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts 

Due to its brand name, we cannot get enough of the GoPro Store products and have yet another product from the same brand. The GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts comes with multiple mounts, tools, and accessories that make it a great value deal.

Being compatible with all GoPro cameras, this pack of goodies offers you a variety of things that are considered valuable. You can get a taste of different products all in one buying this without being forced to go for a particular one as it includes a flat surface base plate, curved base plate, thumb knob and hardware, quick-release buckle, pivot arm assembly, quick-release vibration plug, leash tether, and a vertical J-hook mount.

Featuring a polycarbonate and stainless steel body, the mount is suitable to be used in various places other than just your helmet. You can use them on your car, boat, or any flat surface.  

What we liked: We love that the product is backed by a 1-year warranty which means that you do not need to look for a replacement and can use it without any tension for a year. 

What we did not like: We have not found any issues with this product as it has only satisfied us to the fullest.

8. WLPREOE 37 in1 Motorcycle Helmet Mount Kits 

If you start talking about versatility and value packs, there is no better alternative to the WLPREOE which comes in a pack of 37 pieces, all within a very decent price. Being suitable for any action camera, this comes with 4 joints that are connected by a screw and can be rotated 180 degrees. This very feature makes it ideal for placing the camera anywhere maintaining 100% stability. 

Moreover, it can be combined with a J-hook that features a curved mount that can be used on any helmet. Not only that but it can also be used with a flat-mount that you can use on ski/skate/surfboards, kayak, and anywhere you desire to place it.

The list of accessories and tools included inside the pack are 1 motorcycle helmet chin mount, 10 adhesive pads 5 of which are suitable for curved mounts and the rest 5 for flat surfaces, 3 J-hook buckle, 2 pieces of camera tethers, 2 safety buckles, 5 long screws, 1 piece of wrench that you can use to adjust the screws and 3 pieces of silicone lock buckles. 

What we like: We love that the pack includes camera tethers that ensure double security and will not let your camera fall off. You can install the safety rope after you have placed your camera in position. 

What we did not like: Even though the pack includes a wrench, the bottom screw of the mount requires you to use your screwdriver.

9. SoPro Full face Helmet Mount 

This super durable and easy to use the mount from SoPro is another of our most favorites that the market has to offer. This chin camera mount is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum which gives it its strength but does not cost you a lot. 

Being compatible with any full-face helmet, it offers just the perfect angle that you desire in filming your video. With no hotchpotch, the very basic and simple design of the mount offers a simple installation procedure.

In addition to being removable and transferable, the mount is fit for harsh conditions be it a desert or strong wind, you can take perfect captures seamlessly. 

What we liked: The body is cushioned by mini cell foam that ensures your utmost comfort and that is what we loved the most in this product. 

What we did not like: The mount is not adjustable which makes it unfit for covering a wider angle while shooting any video.

10. TELESIN Helmet Mount 

Being constructed from superior quality PVC material, Telesin Helmet Mount features a very lightweight design (only 33 grams) that easily gets attached to your helmet and is capable of holding your camera firmly in position.  

The helmet strap is set up with a J-hook that is included inside the pack for you to mount your camera. The mount features a solid plastic frame and comes with soft yet firm padding that will not cause any harm to your action camera and will create a comfortable place for it.

You can also use this for different directions and angles as it is adjustable as per your desire to obtain that perfect shot. 

What we liked: We love its compatibility with a huge range of shooting cameras starting from the Shoei RF series to other curved full-face helmets to all the GoPro cameras to a

What we did not like: We have not come across any major issue with this mount that is worth mentioning.

11. SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Mount 

We have included another product from SUREWO which offers an improvised version of the helmet chin strap according to the feedback from the customers. The new design features a double head adapter that facilitates wider angle shooting. 

The base mount is constructed in such a way that it is fit for rough and tough use and will not crack upon pressure. The integrated design also includes the back being made from a soft rubber gasket that gives it a non-slip feature. In the new design, the bottom bracket and the gasket are made into one seamless part that makes it compatible with most action cameras.

Moreover, the middle part of the gasket has a sunken design that emphasizes the soft glue on the area that is effective in preventing scratches on the helmet. It does not end here, the high-quality elastic strap buckle does not come with an excessive length that may hit your skin while you are riding your bike at high speeds causing a safety issue. 

What we liked: The new version adopted a rounded design that helps in avoiding safety problems and makes it a safer option since there are no sharp edges. 

What we did not like: The straps are not adjustable and that seems to be the only problem with this product.

12. Pro Standard Super Visor Low Profile Under Visor Helmet Mount 

For the last entry in our review article, we have chosen the one from the Pro Standard helmet mount that is specially crafted for racing and riding. Since the mount is attached to the breakaway visor, it meets the standards required for filming during races. 

The mount can be effectively used on any surface, be it peaked, flat, or curved visors. Due to its low profile design which features a mount that is 7 mm lower than regular GoPro sticky mounts, you can keep your visor lower and your camera steady. It also allows you to place larger cameras under your visor. 

The effortless design holds the camera firmly and keeps it hidden beneath your visor. Unlike conventional helmet mounts which are required to place higher, this will allow you to take smoother footage of your races due to the lower angle.

The list of amazing features does not end here, being made from polycarbonate, it is virtually indestructible. The plastic resin gives it the added strength and makes it super durable. 

Moreover, the integrated roost guard prevents the mount from snapping when subject to roost debris ensuring your safety at all times. The mount will not be a problem for other riders as it does not take a huge space and is not a safe option for you but also other riders. 

What we liked: The product is compatible with all the GoPro and similar sized action 

What we did not like: We have not come across any major issues with this mount and it is our absolute favorite.

Attributes that should be taken into consideration before buying the Best GoPro Helmet Mount

1. Durability

If you are someone who regularly goes to adventurous places where the weather conditions are extreme and you want to film your journey then you surely need to go for a durable one, one that can withstand such harsh conditions. Some models are only designed to withstand low impact and will break down when subject to even strong wind. So, you need to check for the durability of your desired product and it is wise to go for the ones that are backed by a warranty. 

2. Compatibility

Your money will only go to waste if you buy a camera mount that is not compatible with the action camera that you own. Not only that, the mount should be suitable for the helmet that you will be using it on. Not all mounts are suitable for all kinds of helmets. 

3. Price

Generally, camera mounts are inexpensive and if you want to own more than one type of mount then it is always wise to go for kits that come with a variety of accessories and tools. However, if you are on a budget, you should look for a particular one that serves your purpose and not kits as they usually cost more. 

4. Accessories

It is always a bonus if your choice of camera mount comes with a bonus. Almost all mounts come with sticky pads for placing them on your helmet and some which have joints come with a dedicated wrench to tighten the screws. Even though it is not a major factor while choosing your desired one, but it is never too much to ask.

How to Properly Apply GoPro Adhesive Mounts to Helmet (& Other Surfaces)


Q. Where can I mount my GoPro camera on my helmet?

Regardless of what type of surface (peaked, flat, or curved) you are going to be attaching your mount to, there are three common places where helmet mounts are usually mounted and they are at the top, in the chin, or at the side of your helmet. Among the three places, the chin mount is considered the best as it gives you the best angle. 

The side mount, however, has an off-center view, because, for obvious reasons, it is placed on the side! As for the top mount, it requires you to install the camera at the front center of your helmet. 

Q. How can I attach my GoPro camera to my helmet?

Camera mounts are mounted usually with adhesives/sticky pads that are included with the kit that allows you to generally attach them to any surface (flat/curved). However, it is always advised not to use the mount right after you have stuck the adhesive. You are required to let it stay for 24 hours for the pads to get adhered to, otherwise, your camera will be at the risk of falling. 

Q. Is it safe to use a GoPro camera mount?

The no.1 reason for accidents is when there is a distraction and GoPro camera mounts keep you far from being distracted as they allow hands-free shooting. You need to safely place your mount before you start riding so that your attention is not divided.

Final Cut

To reduce shakiness and ensure maximum stability, there is no better alternative than a GoPro helmet mount. These easy-to-use hands-free tools are super convenient and you should consider certain features like swivel mount and flexibility in your desired one. 

It is quite obvious that you have a lot of options to pick from but we sincerely hope that we could take some of your struggle and uncertainty aware with our article where we have listed down the best GoPro helmet mount the market has to offer. 

Best of luck with your new adventures!

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