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Best GoPro for Motorcycles

The 5 Best GoPro for Motorcycles to Record All the Actions In Finest Quality

Are you new to vlogging and not sure which camera to buy? The cameras from GoPro will help to start your career as a vlogger. Before that, you need to know the features and functions of the camera which is essential in creating top-quality videos and images. The important feature is the camera has waterproof housing or is made from waterproof material. 

Nowadays, Livestream  in social media is mostly done to show a real-time experience to your audience. Apart from these, a smooth and stable video is desired by the hikers as well. With various features and functions, focus on your necessities before buying the best GoPro for motorcycle.

Best Pick

GoPro Hero5

The GoPro Hero5 is our best pick on our list as it is handy and takes clear images of your adventures. You can record the action pact video with 1080p120 or 4k with great stabilization. The pictures come out at 12MP which is great if you want to crop out some of its parts. You can take the camera under the water up to 10 meters or 33 feet without any housing. Also, with the GoPro software, you will have direct access to the clouds for storage.

Budget Pick

GoPro Hero7

The GoPro Hero7 is our best budget pick because you will get the longest time-lapse video on this with Hypersmooth stabilization. It takes video at 4k6o and has the feature to Livestream with this camera. The 2 inches touch screen is easy to operate and you use the voice commands to start any kind of function on the camera.

Top 5 Best GoPro for Motorcycle

1. GoPro Hero5  

Highlighted Features

  • The cameras will provide clear and stable shots with their 4k video and 12MP photos
  • It is waterproof up to 10m without any housing
  • A 2 inches display is given to replay the shots after taking them
  • You can control the camera with your simple voice commands
  • One button on the control panel enables easy operating of the camera
  • You can upload the video to the cloud from anywhere by subscribing to their GoPro Plus
  • Can be connected to your phone via wifi or Bluetooth
  • You can track your elevation, trajectory speed with the GPS performance stickers

For bikers who love to record their riding experience to share with their family or upload in their channel, GoPro Hero5 can be the best camera for motorcycle touring. To begin with, it is built with waterproof materials where you do not need to buy and put extra housing on the camera. You can go up to 10 meters underwater with this camera safely and get the perfect underwater shot. The underwater feature removed the bagginess of the camera and the audio can be heard clearly without any unnecessary noises. 

The shape of the camera is compact and has round edges that make it look elegant. A handy housing is provided with the camera which is easy to fix with the adjustable clips. The charging gates and the battery gates have rubber gaskets that ensure the tough seal when you want to take it water. The memory card slot is with the battery slot and the micro HDMI port is available with the charging port. 

Moreover, a type C charging cable is also included with the camera. The 2 inches LED touchscreen is also an additional feature of this model. The screen can be hard to maneuver with fingers and gets smudges after few uses. 

Now, navigating through the options is simple, and with some right and left swipes, you can set the modes of the camera. Another feature of this GoPro is that it displays brief info if you don't know the meaning of a particular setting. As a result, you don't have to carry the manual of the camera with you while traveling. 

You can shoot time lapse pictures or videos on it and it has an option of night lapse as well. However, not all features are not suitable for all modes like you will get 30 and 24 frames per second in 4K and the video will not be stable. On the other hand, 720p gives stabilization and 240 frames per second. The option of 1080p at 120 frames per second is also available. 

For clear audio recording, 3 microphones are attached, one near the shutter, one near the charging port, and one on the side. All the sounds are recorded at the same tie to give a real-time experience. You can set the audio to stereo or wind reduction mode as you prefer. 

If we talk about the life of the battery, the 20 milliamps battery will die quickly. So you need to carry an extra battery for shooting the whole day with it. You can take a video or burst with certain voice commands. 

With the help of mobile apps, you can pair your tablet or smartphone to manage the settings, media, etc. You can edit your video, pictures swiftly with Gopro’s editing app Quick. Uploading the videos and pictures is also easy with the GoPro Plus subscription. By subscribing to them, the shots will be automatically uploaded to the cloud when the AC plug is connected to the camera.

2. GoPro Hero7  

Highlighted Features

  • You will get a life-like experience with 4k60 video and 12MP photos from this camera
  • Records HyperSmooth stable video without the use of a gimbal
  • Control the features of the camera by using voice control commands
  • The travel experience will be uninterrupted as it is made of waterproof materials
  • You can share live streaming on this camera and later save them on an SD card
  • Captures the high-speed stable time-lapse videos in high resolution
  • The digital lenses cover wide, linear, and superview to record the shot as you see with your eyes
  • A touch screen to navigate through the setting and get a preview of the shots

Riding a bike while taking a video can give bumpy shots of the day. The GoPro Hero7 is equipped with all the features that will ensure the steadiness of the video while running and tone-mapped or noise reduction optimized photos. The first feature on this camera is the HyperSmooth feature to record stabilized video whether you are jogging, running, or biking with the camera. Also, you turn on the stabilizing mode for 4k60 shots to get the perfect sporty action. They also do a predictive scene analysis based on GPS and accelerometer data so that you don't have to set the settings manually for bumpy rides. 

The time-lapse feature which they named timewarp takes the video instead of pictures and with the accelerometer data, they process the pieces into a smooth video. You can increase the speed up to 30x for hyperlapse for recording superfast motion. On the other hand, if you stand in place, it will adjust to a lower speed, noticing that you want to take a clear view. 

The new feature of this camera is that you can take videos on portrait mode for Instagram, Snapchat, etc. As you change the orientation to the vertical position, all the menus also change their position just like your cellphone. The timed clips feature takes the video for a certain duration that you set that helps to record the action of a small duration. You can also set the countdown for taking the photos manually or by giving voice commands. 

Not to mention the improved layer on the microphone enables recording the audio without any distorted noises. With this camera, you can go live to various social sites and give your audience a live experience. You just need wifi or cellular data to start a Livestream. However, the live stream is possible only at 720p which is not enough for super action Livestream. But a copy of Livestream is stored at 1080p which you can upload later.  

The camera comes with all the necessary accessories like housing, batteries, type-C cables, etc. The battery of this model is compatible with the battery of GoPro Hero5 and Hero6. As the batteries do not last long, you can carry the batteries from the previous model as extra. The photos will be automatically uploaded to the cloud if you are subscribed to GoPro. Finally, you can also edit the photos and videos on the actual GoPro app without using transferring them to a tab or laptop.

3. GoPro Hero6

Highlighted Features

  • You can capture stabilized shots with 4k resolution with 60 FPS
  • The record of the action videos will be smooth with the 1080p240
  • The camera has a built-in GP1 chipset for image processing
  • You will get a better video in low light as they increased the long exposure to 10 seconds
  • The front lens is replaceable if they get scratches
  • You can dive 20 meters with this camera without any housing as it is waterproof
  • The 2 inches display enables touch, set, or change the settings easily
  • The zoom option enables you to zoom 0 to 100 % to get the far shot perfectly
  • You can download the images and videos 3x faster as it is 5Ghz wifi compatible

Like all other GoPro series, this model comes with waterproof features along with a stable video record when you are in motion. Let's begin with 4k60 with which you can get the actual fast-moving shots which help to slow down later in the post production. However, the linear mode is not available in 4k60 which will give a fish-eye look to your videos.

For bike rides, stability in the videos is essential which you can get in this camera at 4k 30 frames per second. Additionally, this camera allows you to take video at 240 frames per second at 1080p resolution. As an image processor, the Gp1 chipset is attached to the camera replacing the previous amarela chipset.

One of the important features of a camera is that it should be able to take the perfect night shots. This GoPro Hero6 has better low light performance that records the night views in original and vibrant colors. It adjusts the color while moving along the shadows or sunlight creating exquisite images or videos with its great dynamic range.

Furthermore, they have changed the file formats to H.265 HEVC with which you can take photos in high resolution. The quality of photos remains unchanged but the file size decreases creating more space for more videos. However, the downside of this feature is that you preview the video unless you transfer the video to your phone or laptop.   

Apart from the mentioned features, it has the voice command features but it might not take the commands if the surrounding is surrounded by a lot of noises. It has a scene detection analysis feature where it identifies when the video has fast moments or normal video with the GPS and accelerometer that are built in it. The package comes with all the required accessories and sticky mounts that help to stick them on flat or curved surfaces.

4. GoPro Hero8  

Highlighted Features

  • The HyperSmooth 2.0 feature allows you to shoot the smoothest video on 3 different levels on all resolutions
  • The magnetic fingers at the base let you unfold them when you need to mount them
  • Linear mode is available for 4k resolution for both 30 and 60 frames per second
  • You can go live with this camera at 1080p which gives a better Livestream quality
  • Timewarp 2.0 is capable of adjusting the speed by detecting, the location, speed, and lighting
  • With reduced blur and improved HDR, you can get 12MP clear shots in bright or low light
  • The LiveBurst option lets you record 1.5 seconds before and after the shot to choose the best single frame for your images or videos

The GoPro Hero8 has a completely new frame design that makes it slimmer and lighter to use or carry around with you. Previously, you needed to put a frame around the camera to mount in a place. Instead, they have built folding fingers at the bottom to attach to the GoPro mounts for steady recording. The lens on the camera is not replaceable and you might have to buy a new one if the front glass gets cracked. You can use the tempered lens and screen protector to make it durable. 

The battery, charging port and SD card slot are locked behind the same door. So you need to open the sealed door every time you want to charge your camera and the battery will stay exposed as well. 

Moving to the features of the camera, the HyperSmooth 2.0 smooths every frame rate in every aspect ratio. You can record at any resolution and later slow or steady down the places you want in the video. The HyperSmooth 2.0 Boost predicts the situation and levels up the smoothness with data from the accelerometer and gyros.  

With all these functions, the camera needs to be flexible with angles for recording. This version of GoPro allows you to shoot at a wide and linear angle depending on how you want to shoot. The Live Photo Burst mode gives the perfect scenario by taking 1.5 seconds video before and after the shot. The Timewarp 2.0 has added an automatic function that creates a timelapse video depending on the action of the scene. If you want you can set the manual mode up to 30 times faster. 

For the travel bloggers, it can be irritating to set the modes every time to start to record a scene without knowing which mode would be better for which action. This camera made the setting easy by naming each mode based on the activity. Furthermore, you can also customize the settings and create new presets. 

To get clear audio of your recording, it has three microphones at the front, on the side, and at the bottom. The audio system not only reduces the wind noise but also enhances the sounds in quiet places. The GoPro app has an automatic level feature that automatically levels the videos if the angles are tilted. Now you can toggle the bit rate to get 100 Mbps in 4k and 2.7k modes.

5. GoPro Hero9  

Highlighted Features

  • Every detail of the videos will be recorded with the 5k resolution on the camera
  • 20MP on the camera takes high-quality photos with clarity
  • A front display is added to the camera that gives a preview you are taking a video of yourself by yourself
  • You can attend your official meetings on this camera as it has a webcam
  • Livestream is possible at 1080p on this camera that will record and show every bit of the activity
  • The Hypersmooth 3.0 gives the finest stabilization of every resolution and mode
  • Horizon leveling is added to take original sea and mountain shots
  • You can set the mode to Timewarp 3.0 to record the actions in fast or slow motion
  • The entire camera is built with waterproof material that lets you shoot 33 feet under the under

Lastly, we have the GoPro Hero9 with high stabilization and high image and video quality. Firstly, this camera comes with a dual-screen which is helpful for vloggers as well as taking photos. If you are previewing at 4k or 5k resolution, you might see some lagging but it's fine at lower resolution. 

With this camera, you can record at 5k30 in wide or linear mode. Turning on the HyperSmooth boost along with the highest resolution, you will get a silky smooth result of the video. The 20MP photos can be taken in various modes and create an HDR effect on the pictures. At low light, the pictures are not clear and if you turn in the night mode you will get some clear pictures. But the images might not have the HDR effect. 

The camera has a heavy battery that increases the weight of the camera as well. The front lens is removable and you can easily get it changed in case you crack or break it. The touch screen is larger than the other models which give enough space to maneuver over the options. For mountain trekking or hiking, you will get clear shots in all modes and angles with the Hypersmooth 3.0.

The best feature we like about this camera is the auto level of the horizon. Sometimes, the camera can get tilted and the recording does not have the proper view for showcase, in that case, the whole shot becomes useless but with the horizon auto level, the level will remain the same if your camera is mounted at a tilted angle. This feature is supported by all modes. 

Recording the activity in slow and fast motion is essential for bloggers and the Timewarp 3.0 enables you to do that feature. Moreover, you can take normal video with video in the middle of the time-lapse by just pausing the Timewarp feature. You can resume the video again from the same scene.

Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the addition of a webcam. Plug the GoPro into your PC or laptop and then you attend the skype or zoom meeting through it. Livestream of Facebook, youtube, etc possible with the high video quality. The new Hindsight feature allows you to take 15 or 30 seconds before and after you take a shot of an action pact scenery. 

You can schedule the time to capture an image on the camera in any mode and angle. Side by side of schedule capture, there is a duration capture to tell the camera how long to record the activity. You can set this duration up to 3 hours at most. The camera and its accessories come in a travel bag which makes the storage option easier and safer.

Things to Consider before Buying the Best GoPro For Motorcycle

Are you confused about which model of GoPro to buy? Due to the frequent release of several models, it can be hard to choose one out of the many. Whichever you buy, make sure it provides durable service.

The duration of the battery life

The GoPro cameras are designed with various kinds of functions that can work in high and low-quality settings. If you want to shoot your whole day in 5k resolution, the battery might die in 2 to 3 hours. For this, the videographers always carry many extra batteries to record all day long. 

You can buy the batteries the same as the brand or buy the third-party batteries at a cheaper rate. However, the third-party batteries might not support all the features of the camera. 

One more thing about GoPro is that many models have the same battery type. If you have the battery of your previous model GoPro, you can use it in the new one if it's compatible with the new version of the GoPro. 

Waterproof housing

The enemy of electronic devices is the water, but there is another new world of adventure under the water. The GoPro cameras are built with waterproof materials which let you go 33 feet deep under the water. However, the voice recording quality might not be good and you might need to dub the entire experience again while editing. 

But for bikes or motorcycles, this camera is great for hiking or trekking on a rainy day as it has noise reduction capability. The 3 microphones in 3 places record the clear voice even on the high wind.  


Stabilization is a very important feature for action or sports cameras. The roads for mountain rides are bumpy which will result in creating bumping videos at the end. The cameras for GoPro paid detailed attention to give a super stabilizing experience on the bumpy roads. The attached GPS and accelerometer made them smart to predict the situation early. 

Flexibilities among the features

The compatibility of the features with every mode in any aspect ratio plays an important part as a deciding factor of buying a camera. You will see a lot of features in the camera but there are some restrictions where one feature does not work with another feature. Lack of flexibility creates a bad impact on the video. 

One of the most discussed limitations is the compatibility of wide-angle with the highest resolution. Not every action will look good and in linear mode and carrying more than one camera for traveling can be bothersome. So, look for the specifications before buying the sports camera. 


Which resolution is best for recording videos? 

The highest resolution of your camera is the best option to take a clear and clean video. Also, you need to keep the battery life in mind as the high resolution can take up a lot of space in the SD card and reduce the lifetime of the battery.  

How can I mount the GoPro in my motorcycle?

The video shows 5 ways to mount the GoPro. 

Can a GoPro battery last more than 2 hours of continuous recording? 

The lifetime of the battery depends on the mode and setting of the camera. The lower the setting, the higher possibility of the battery lasting longer. 


Whether you are a professional videographer or a regular person who likes to record their daily life, the GoPro camera will be the best option to opt for. They come in handy sizes that make travel easier and you don't have to worry about the stabilization, smoothness, and color balance of the images or the videos. 

The GoPro has editing software that is compatible with iOS and Android. The uploading, downloading, and editing of the images can be done easily on the phone. The software has algorithms that process the images in the possible quality.  In our article, we have discussed the specification of the cameras in detail to help you to choose the best GoPro for motorcycles.

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