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Best GoPro Battery

The 10 Best GoPro Battery Options for Extended Adventures

The compact size versatile GoPro cameras that shoot all the thrilling activities need powerful batteries that will not only fuel these devices but also support the creators in their long-term activities. This is one of the essential accessories for the GoPro cameras that need to be picked carefully. These cameras can use batteries from other brands as well as official GoPro ones.  But there are a few batteries that can offer longevity, good fit, a decent amount of capacity to your GoPro camera, and last but not least offers a valuable price.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unveiling the 10 Best GoPro Battery Choices

1. Official GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery  

An official battery is always a good choice for GoPro because of its safety with the official camera. It is especially compatible with your GoPro Hero 10 and Hero 9 cameras. This battery fits really well to power these cameras up. These batteries are designed very nicely in a way that suits your camera model. And it also ensures that your camera performances are on top. It enhances the performance of your camera which is a standout feature.

This product comes with some good accessories. It comes with a dual charging facility. It allows you to charge two batteries at the same time. So you can save time and take your camera out for a long time activity. Therefore, it is especially recommended for those who go out mountain climbing or biking, especially kayaking or any other water activities. 

One key advantage of the official GoPro battery is that it is very efficient, so it can provide you with a consistent and prolonged charging period. While ensuring that your battery is in good health and performs really well. There is also a built-in LED indicator that will help you indicate the charger clearly and display the status of your battery. Both the charger and battery are very well designed and offer good performance with a solid feel of the battery. The design of the charger also makes it very easy to carry and easy to store. 

However, since it's an official GoPro battery, the charger, and the battery will be comparatively more expensive than those that are not official ones. But with all the advantages it has to offer, the price is decent. You will get a decent amount of battery time while ensuring battery health. You can trust in their quality reliability, and last, but not least, compatibility with your cameras.


  • The design is easy to carry.
  • The quality is reliable.


  • More expensive

2. GoPro AABAT-001 Camera Rechargeable Battery  

As an official GoPro product, it is compatible with mostly all GoPro cameras. It also provides reliability and a quality charging process. It is especially compatible with heroes 5, 6, and 7. And this is actually an official accessory given by GoPro with these cameras.

Each of these batteries provides a prolonged power time for your filming so that you can film for a long time without having to worry about the battery running out. Whether you're out, capturing, biking, or you're traveling or you're just shooting inside this battery is also a good one for your everyday adventures.The detail and the quality of this battery are phenomenal. They built a solid design for both the charger and the battery which makes it also impressive or attractive to customers. It is also lightweight on top of a solid design. So it is easy to carry and store during activities. It also occupies less space in your backpack so you can carry multiple cameras during long-time shooting. 

One standout feature of this battery is that it is compatible with GoPro's official supercharger for fast charging. But you can also use your usual USB or adapter. So it offers a versatile process of charging that is quite unique. The charging process of this battery is quite easy and convenient. The versatility and compatibility make it a good choice for official GoPro users and also a popular customer choice.

The battery life is quite good but the downside is it depends on the type of setting that you used for your camera. For example, If you are using a very complicated camera setting, the battery will run out sooner than it usually does. Especially in low light and long videos, the battery performance is not top-notch.

But you can expect to have the power for several hours of continuous filming. Therefore, we also recommend carrying an extra battery if you choose to use this one especially if you are going mountain climbing or biking where you need to use the camera for a longer time.


  • Charging process is straightforward


  • Battery life might run out quicker with different settings.

3. Artman Hero 8 Battery

Artman Battery received a good amount of positive feedback. It is also known for its reliability. In addition, it has a capacity of 1500 mAh. As a result, it can provide a decent runtime that is not too bad compared to others in its price range. 

One advantage of this battery is that it allows you to charge three batteries at once. This means you can save time and have enough batteries for your adventure before you head out. But carrying three batteries at once might not be ideal for those who are already carrying a heavy backpack.

Additionally, there is also an LED indicator on the top of this charger which will help you keep an eye on the battery status while you're filming out. Not only during charging, but you can also see the level of charge even when you film. If it is green, it indicates that the battery is still in a good amount of charge. The red light indicates that it needs to be charged immediately. 

It also comes with a stellar design. It also stands out among others especially because of how lightweight it is, which makes it very easy to carry in your bag. And also, you can go for an adventure with the batteries in your backpack without it being heavy. 

The charging method is pretty straightforward. You can just connect it using your USB and charge it without any complicated process. But it doesn’t offer any other way of charging so it is not as versatile as some of the official GoPro batteries are. And you won’t get the chance to charge it with your power bank either.


  • Affordable.
  • Time efficient
  • It is also very lightweight.


  • Might not be reliable or safe.
  • Charging facility is also not versatile.

4. Tomsheir Battery  

The batteries offer three very high-capacity ones that enhance the performance of a camera. This product has three batteries with 1800 mAh capacity, which provides you with a very long battery life without having to worry about whether you're filming is going to get stopped or not. 

This product also has a USB LED charger which is pretty straightforward and convenient.  The LED indicator lets you see the status of charging. 

While charging, it shows a red light beeping on top, and when the charging process is over the light turns green. You can also monitor whether the charging is at the end or not while filming, which makes it easy for you during your traveling.

That makes it easy to carry during travel. The designs are quite good and it is designed in a way that you can carry it during extreme weather. The battery can run for a decent amount of time. Especially with three cameras charged at once, it can offer a backup for a long time. But carrying three batteries at the same time might also be difficult to carry. So the lightweight feature of this battery doesn’t always help. 

However, This one might not be compatible with action cameras of different brands. Although it does work with popular cameras or brands, it does not offer a wide range like the others. But if you are an official GoPro user, it is quite compatible with a lot of GoPro models.


  • High-capacity batteries
  • Charging is straightforward
  • The design is good.


  • might not be reliable as the official ones are.
  • It is not compatible with a lot of cameras.

5. GoPro Rechargeable Battery

This one comes with high capacity and top-notch quality. And it is mostly compatible with Hero 4 black and Hero 4 silver. As it comes as an official accessory, it is specifically designed for these two products. And while it is used with these two, it offers the top-notch performance of both the battery and the camera. But as an official product with most GoPro cameras. On top of that, it also ensures good health and enhances performance while used with official GoPro cameras. It is also of decent capacity and the battery longevity is quite reliable.

This battery is known for its design and it feels very well-designed and durable. You can use this battery in extreme weather and temperature without having to worry about it running out. It can also offer a top-notch service for a long time. It is also lightweight, so when you go out for a long time, you don’t need to carry heavy batteries in your backpack. 

It has an 1160 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is very high quality. But, the battery life depends on camera settings and what type of camera you're using. So, if you are going on for a long activity, you might want to take multiple batteries, so that you always have the backup. But the capacity is still lower than other official products which usually offer around 1800 mAh. 

This one is also a bit more expensive. We would say it’s worth the money because of the reliability and the quality it offers and also the compatibility that it offers specifically Hero4 and Hero 4 silver. Also, because it is quite durable and protects the safety of your GoPro cameras, paying a bit extra amount at the beginning is a good deal.


  • its battery longevity
  • The design of this battery is solid


  • It is only restricted to use for two types of cameras.
  • Longevity also depends on the camera setting.

6. Artman Hero 11/10/9 Batteries  

This accessory is designed to enhance battery life and quality. The further camera is also compatible with some specific GoPro cameras, for example, GoPro Hero 9 Hero, 10, and Hero 11. But it might not be a good fit to protect the camera quality and health. 

The special feature of this battery is that it includes two batteries with 1800 mAh power which is two very high-capacity amount of batteries. Each of which will be compatible with your cameras. 

These batteries are quite high-capacity ones and it also provides long-lasting longevity of your battery so that you can capture your favorite moments without having the battery run out.

It also comes with a USB charger that has three channels. So you can charge three batteries at the same time. But it doesn’t come with a facility that lets you charge it with an adapter or your power bank. So if the battery runs low during the activity you can’t charge it outdoors which is a major disadvantage for long-time travelers. The LED indicator is also very convenient for travelers. The green light beeping indicates that it is fully charged. And when the light is red, it means that it is still either charging or running low on charge. 

It is quite lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. The compact size occupies a very small space in your backpack. So you can easily carry it while participating in your favorite activities. But carrying multiple batteries at once might make it difficult too. 

Under a budget, this one provides a decent number of advantages. Although it is not an official one, as the battery isn’t all that costly it does compensate for the disadvantages compared to official batteries.


  • You can charge up to three batteries
  • You can charge it anywhere you want
  • It is lightweight.
  • Good design
  • Decent longevity


  • Not enough compatibility

7. Wasabi Power Battery

This battery comes with two very top-notch quality batteries that are designed to offer you reliable battery life throughout your adventures. 

The longevity is consistent, we would say, and performance is also decent. The charger is lightweight, making it easy to carry. It is also compact. It has a dual slot charger, so you can charge two batteries at once which makes it time efficient.

The charger is made of a USB cable, so it might not be as versatile as some people would want it to be. It also doesn’t let you charge with your adapter, laptop, or power bank. Which is an obstacle for those who would film for a long time. The LED indicator makes it easy to monitor whether the charging is going on or has stopped. 

The noteworthy part about this product is the design. The batteries are not only durable but also designed to be travel-friendly and withstand extreme weather. The solid and lightweight design is easy to carry and use for a long time. 

One standout feature of this product is that it is compatible with a lot of cameras since it is not an official GoPro camera battery. It also works with cameras that are not GoPro, for example, Canon, Sony, Nikon, and many more so it makes it very versatile and compatible. 

The price is also comparatively more affordable than some other brands. It might not be a popular band per se, like the GoPro one, but it offers a decent performance. It is more convenient for those who are into videography and might need to use their cameras for a longer period of time.


  • It comes with a dual slot.
  • The design is top-notch.
  • The compatibility is very wide.
  • The batteries are of high quality, and battery time is decent.


  • might not be reliable as the official ones are.

8. GoPro Enduro Battery

The key feature that we should mention about it is its impressive battery life. The capacity, surpasses, all that of other GoPro batteries. Its outstanding longevity allows you to go for an adventure even for days without worrying about the power running out. You can even take this battery to a remote location and not recharge it for a long time. 

It definitely is very compatible with most GoPro cameras. It is designed in a way that will be perfectly fit for GoPro cameras. However, if you're using any action camera, that is not a GoPro one, you might want to reconsider buying this one and check the compatibility with your specific camera.

The quality is again top-notch, like other GoPro products. It is specifically good for adventures that involve water, dust, rock, or any kind of other extreme activities. 

It is usually charged with a supercharger, but you can also use the standard USB port or any other adapter. So it does. The charging process is also versatile. 

Another noteworthy feature of this camera is that you can see the charging level in your camera. So you don't have to use the LED indicator or anything, you can see the charging status while filming. 

With all these features that give you freedom during your travels, it definitely comes with a price. This battery is more expensive than other substitutes. 

But in exchange, you get top-notch, quality reliability longevity. That might not be offered with other batteries.


  • Exceptional compatibility and Longevity
  • the design and durability of this battery.


  • Might not be affordable for a lot of travel enthusiasts.

9. JYJZPB MAX Replacement Battery 

This battery is specially designed for GoPro Max 360 camera. For this camera, they designed this battery with three high-quality replacement batteries. These batteries are only compatible with the GoPro Max 360, which is why it fits quite well with this camera without damaging it. 

It also has 3 channels which means that you can charge up to three batteries at once. So your GoPro Max does not run out for a long time. It also comes with an LED indicator like the other ones that we already mentioned.

The charger is pretty straightforward so you don't have to struggle all that much. Like most basic requirements, this battery and the chargers are also very well designed. It is also durable. But the charging facility is not versatile. 

The price is also lower than most, it is affordable to quite a lot of people since it's not the official battery. It also has a good amount of positive feedback online, but you might want to check the compatibility since this battery was designed for one specific camera.


  • The longevity, the three-channel that gives you flexibility
  • It is also quite affordable.


  • The compatibility is too low to be used with a lot of other cameras.

10. SmilePowo 2PCS Dual Battery

This one provides high capacity and longevity during travel. It comes with two high-quality batteries of 1480 mAh power which means the batteries are quite good with long power capacity. 

The charger is of dual battery, so you can charge two batteries at once. You can have one for your backup while you go out on a trip. Which makes it a time-efficient quality product.

The most notable feature of this is the building quality or the design of it, which is quite lightweight and durable and it is well made for any type of extreme weather. 

It comes with a USB charger so you can charge it with an adapter or computer however you want to. So if you are indoors or outdoors, you can charge it everywhere. It also received quite a lot of positive feedback from many customers which makes it quite reliable.


  • It has quite high-quality power for a battery. It also comes with a dual charger, which is time efficient. The design is durable and top-notch charging is flexible.


  • It is not an official Well battery, so you might want to consider that.

Things to consider before buying the Best GoPro Battery

Battery life

Battery life and performance battery life is the most important part since you will be out on a trip. It depends on what type of activities you're planning on filming. Depending on that, you might want to go for a battery with high-quality longevity or one with a decent amount of battery running time. Due to action cameras' compact sizes, the cameras might not always have an equal amount of longevity. If you usually film for a longer period, go for the ones that come with dual or triple charging capacities.


Some batteries come with specific compatibility with specific cameras, and some come with a wide range of compatibilities. If the battery isn’t compatible it might start to malfunction. In fact, good quality batteries might run out quickly if they aren’t the right fit for the camera. If you have one specific camera, you might want to get one within your affordable choice. For example, some batteries come with compatibility with only GoPro cameras. Usually, they are made by the GoPro brand. On the other hand, If you want to go for one, that is compatible with a wide range. You might have to pay more upfront. 

Brand and Quality 

GoPro batteries are usually known for their durability and reliability. They can also fit perfectly with GoPro cameras. Although they might be comparatively more expensive these batteries can serve for a long time. Their design and longevity are also something to be noted specifically.


With quality comes to an expensive price. If you are up for investing a bit more in the battery, you can definitely go for a brand like GoPro. If you have a tight budget, you might want to look into other bands that are not GoPro. You might want to exchange the safety and reliability in exchange for a less pricey product. 


Having a lightweight one that is easy to store is quite important for travelers. This can be a box to tick while you buy one. You can look for designs that are compact in size but looks solid. In most cases, those are easier to store in your backpack and occupy less space. A heavy battery might hamper your traveling moment. Therefore, even with a little bit more cost, it is better to buy one that is light and easy to carry. 


The battery is the driving force behind a camera. You need to be very careful and picky while buying one. Take all the time you need, sources you can read, and stores to visit, but try to buy one that serves you and your purpose. One battery will not have all the good features, but it can have some unique ones. The ones we mentioned should give you a good idea of what to expect once you hit the market.

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