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Mini Bendy

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About The Product

Mini Bendy is a flexible all-terrain camera tripod, designed for speedy use with lightweight digital cameras.

Its ball-head helps you to adjust the angle and tilt and to lock your camera in place. Unlike traditional tripods, you can bend its legs to create the desired shape and find the perfect position or support. Capture unique angles anytime, anywhere, with Mini Bendy, the pocket tripod!


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Rubber coated feet provide for extra grip on most surfaces. The ball head enables to fix the camera in the desired position. The lock will permit you to give extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached. Flexible Joints allows you to bend and rotate the legs 360 degrees to form a perfect shape. The ring and foot grips provide extra grip to most surfaces; especially inclined and tubed objects with small diameter. The 1/4" universal screw thread is designed in order to stay connected to your camera.

- Ball Head: Enables to fix the camera in the desired position.

- Flexible Joints: Bend and form the legs to have the desired shape. 

- 1/4" Universal screw thread: Stay connected to your camera for instant setup. 

- Rubber Feet

Tech Specs

 Weight: 55 g

- Dimensions: 152 x 35 x 35 mm

- Max camera weight: 275 g

ATTENTION: The manufacturer declines all responsability in case of damage.